Tuesday, January 01, 2013

iPhone 5 Manufacturing Flaws

I never thought this would happen to me. What's more, from an Apple product.

I've ordered a Black 32G with W275920718. When the phone shop salesman done with the protective film on the phone, we got a shock when the manufacturing defect became visible. ONCE in the millions maybe. I called and asked for a replacement. 

2nd phone, also having the similar type of defect, but in 'smaller scale'. Couldn't bother to take pic. All were telling me that Black color has a lot of defects. 

OK, Apple advised me to put a new order W226847261 for the White. The phone came with a 2mm scratch. So frustrated that I've asked for the 3rd replacement.

Guess what, the 4th BNIB item has a chipped edge. 

I really thought Apple products resemblance to Quality. Even as a marathoner, I have to surrender my persistence to get another replacement. 

Perception starts to play that, Apple product is no longer a synonym to Quality. From this experience, I find it is true. Addressing this to Apple.

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www.volleyballtoolbox.com said...

Im happy to have mine without any defects.