Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Singapore International Marathon 2006 - 03.12.2006

Reason No: 3973
I was so confident that I would clock inside 4:15 and if there's a luck, sub4. I wanted to dedicate the run to my dad. But, to end with 4:36 was such a failure to myself. Nonetheless, I know this failure is important to forge a stronger me in the future run. It brings me down to earth firmly once again that I require a scientifically yet systematically training for marathon

Pacing steadily with Wanlin from the start. I speed up at 20KM because I had dad in my mind. I wanted to do the best for him. It was 2hr55m at 30KM. De javu! Broke down with cramp at 33KM mark. Then, my mind flashed me back to the scene when my family tried to motivate my dad not to give up easily. At that point, I realised that as a patient, it is not easy to be optimistic as we thought it could be. I was like feeling the fear as my dad did. That had demotivated me greatly. Devastated... Then, the Team Hoyt video did push me forward for a while. Cramp bugged me unitl I crossed the finishing line. Issh... the outcome to run with emotion.

The Science
I will need a systematic training and must learn how to tune my body to be peak! Since my last run a week ago, I had been feeling the fatigue on my legs but I don’t understand why it took longer time to recover the muscle freshness. The curse becomes reality too. Each fast step at the beginning will slow you down greater at the end. I do think that Wanlin and I are having a more or less a same running profile, but it makes the big different when I started to speed at 20KM (Of course, for those who are ready, they can). I should put more patient and trust on science. I think it is a good case study of me and Wanlin. Speed kills ;-) It is a good failure and I want to bounce back greater. Must trim down my little tummy too! I wont forget the insults!!! ;-)

7.6K - 00:45:30--------- 00:45:29
21K - 02:04:28 --------- 02:04:48
27K - 02:41:32 --------- 02:45:25
42K - 04:36:10 --------- 04:22:33

Pain is Pleasure
I recall ameba is the 1st person who buys this phrase. Now, I've got sheau hui too ;-) Like most of the 1st time marathon runners (including Lance Armstrong), they complain and swear that the run is going to be their last! Somehow, running is quite addictive. Why pain is pleasure? Perhaps, it's the joy that we taste after overcoming the bloody cramp!

New Kids on the Block
Mchin & Julita had completed the course inside 6hr without much training! In good word, never say die attitude. In bad word, stubborn! ;-) Sheau Hui got ‘psycho’ed by Wanlin that she could be the 1st to cross the line among our group. A lovely timing for her as a freshie. She said she still having cramp phobia. Nah, it's the symptom of addiction. I bet she will ask for more!

Congratulations to all the runners! We will meet again.

Calling all for photos!!!