Thursday, May 31, 2007

Captain rings the bell... OX Annual Mountaineering Trip 2007

OX Annual Mountaineering Trip 2007 - Announcement

Dear all,
Kindly to remain you that our annual mountaineering trip will fall on 12.Oct.07 to 15.Oct.07 (4 day 3 night). Our destiniation will be G.Yong Yap & Gunung Bubu(Mt Table & Chair) via Pos Brooke. If you wise to join us, pls apply your leaveor make yourself FIT enough for the trip.Yeap I know is still early, hope you can prepare for it and I will update youon ealy of september 07. see you there and we share our glory and enjoy ourfriendship at summit of G.Yong Yap.

" There is no same mistake what we did last year. More info pls log on to here "

Year 2000 : Gunung Korbu & Gayong (G.Gayong Mission Fail)
Year 2001 : Gunung Yong Yap via Kuala Mu (Perak)
Year 2002 : Gunung Ulu Sepat
Year 2003 : Trans Banjaran Titiwangsa via Cameron (Mission Fail end up we around G.Yong Belar)
Year 2004 : G. Chamah (Only 4 member attempt summit, Tan Boon Keat, Oah Ai Ling, Ng Geok Wah & Chua Rho Wen)
Year 2005 : Initial target Gunung Chamah Mission Fail end up with Gunung Batu Putih!
Year 2006 : Trans Banjaran Titiwangsa via Tanjung Rambutan => Mission FAILED!!!

Best rgds,
Chai Kam Meng

I heard your summon Captain. My ass will be there!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nike Air Pegasus

The award winning shoes NIKE AIR PEGASUS! Bought it at SGD104. Retail price in Malaysia is RM350.

Verdict: Put it on today and ran along Esplanade for about 9KM. Feel that sole is too high and my feet went numb and sore after 6KM. Perhaps it's still new. Perhaps, my feet never fit Nike shoes. Perhaps, it needs time to understand my feet and vice versa.