Monday, October 27, 2008

Take my strides back to the road

Bothered by ever change project schedule. Bombarded by a series of RED BOOM in Dec too. Decided not to register any run. But I really miss Penang's running event. To be exact, I miss Penang Foods! Still remember my 1st Penang race where I endured the stomach pain after halfway coz was carrying some kilos of shit with me. Too much food the day before even though had it released before the run started.

Have been running at least a time at wk day. Running back from office to West Coast. Appox 7/8KM within 35min. Then, thanks to Rwen's companion at ECP for 20K. Really love the route with greens, pretty ladies, sea breeze and Old Town White Coffee that we eventually had our breakfast. Home sick? Just feel the same shop in Msia has the better taste.

The following week, back to Msia and found some 30K kakis for weekend. On Fri nite, I had some alcohol and it made me headache when I woke up at 5am. Abandoned the plan to run with ameba and Choi. I should stop thinking that I am still young la...

Luckily, Tey and Grace did plan to run on Sunday. Didn't have breakfast! Found there's no hot water for a Milo too, so, just left la.Made no mistake to be there on time. So nice in meeting them since my wedding. At least, keep myself updating abt the running circle there. Finished my run in 1hr50min. Wanted to wait for Grace and Tey but I was just too hungry and left.

I start to wonder if the Phiten really works in reducing tiredness? Since I put it on, I have yet to get any cramp! Sure hope it works on me.