Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, I did it under 30min!

Perhaps, my legs boosted by the LSD?

I ofthen run back home from office. It's abt 7K. Treat it as recovery run or speed run. My best timing was 30:30.

Today, did it at 29:50! Finally...

My 1st back-to-back LSD wkend

Urged by desperation, forced myself to get up at 430am last Saturday. I felt like zombie. Just reach PJ from Spore at 1am. What to do, I have a 'date' with ameba.

She thanked me for pace with her, but I thanked her too. In fact, her pace is my pace. Just nice. Felt so good upon finish. I was wet, head to toe. Enjoyed so much to gulp down the 100+ non-stop. Once hit my bed, slept until 5pm after punishing my body. Rest well for the next day.

At nite, ameba sent me a text, she wants to do 30KM. I told her I surrender and she replied it was actually a joke. The fact on the next day is, no joke. She did 30K. Salute. At the end, the 100+ liquid made me felt so good again. It was a trophy winning feeling.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Southern Ridges Run

Long heard abt this trail but never have the thought of running it thru as almost every wkend, I will either back in Msia, or meet up running friend at ECP.

Until last Sunday, after I was back from Bali with extra kilos and then pampered myself with movies (Fast&Furious 4 is GOOD), the sin overwhelmed me and with sudden urge, I decided to try out The Southern Ridges which comprises a 9-kilometre chain of green, open spaces spanning the rolling hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park before ending at West Coast Park where I am staying now.

9KM. But I ended up with 25KM.

First, I went into a long wrong way in HortPark, running against Kent Ridge Park. Had to ask an angmo for the way out. Then, I did merry-go-round at Canopy Walk (suppose I should be heading towards West Coast Park by now) which I ended up following the trail to Science Park I. Sought for direction from a stranger on how to get out from the 'remote' area. It was until I ran thru a winding road along South Buona Vista Rd, I finally seeing familiar scene ahead, it's connecting back to Pasir Panjang Rd that will eventually led me to West Coast area.

Managed to ran thru all the above tourist spots. Each site is uniquely designed for nature lovers' convinient. Singapore is indeed a very well organized beautiful Garden City. But, I guess it's the human nature. When you have less, you tend to appreciate more. Less-is-more is utterly true in this context.

Monday, April 06, 2009

8wks to go for Sundown

Trying hard to have more consistent training this time for Sundown.

Wanted to join PM1's gang but, it was too much for me to get up when my bus arrived Pudu at 1am. With Ameba going back to hometown (probably bring someone home too) for parents, I've turned my hope to Tey as my running companion last Saturday.

Fortunately he's available even after running 20K on Saturday. Very very lucky to have him paced with me. Extremely lucky when I needed tissue paper the most, he had it in his pouch! Don't ask too details. Embarassing. For those who might smell something awful around Tijani2, I am really sorry. It was an extremely urgent call that I must reply. At the verge liao.

At least, 20K is a comfortable distance for me now. Hope to push for 25/30K this Sunday, after Im back from a short Bali vacation. SGD50 back and fro airfare is hard to resist.

Gotta plan carefully my schedule from now on. Every wkend is crucial! I can't miss a single wkend LSD from now on!

It's my vow for this marathon preparation. 8wks to go. Im a bit excited.