Monday, April 06, 2009

8wks to go for Sundown

Trying hard to have more consistent training this time for Sundown.

Wanted to join PM1's gang but, it was too much for me to get up when my bus arrived Pudu at 1am. With Ameba going back to hometown (probably bring someone home too) for parents, I've turned my hope to Tey as my running companion last Saturday.

Fortunately he's available even after running 20K on Saturday. Very very lucky to have him paced with me. Extremely lucky when I needed tissue paper the most, he had it in his pouch! Don't ask too details. Embarassing. For those who might smell something awful around Tijani2, I am really sorry. It was an extremely urgent call that I must reply. At the verge liao.

At least, 20K is a comfortable distance for me now. Hope to push for 25/30K this Sunday, after Im back from a short Bali vacation. SGD50 back and fro airfare is hard to resist.

Gotta plan carefully my schedule from now on. Every wkend is crucial! I can't miss a single wkend LSD from now on!

It's my vow for this marathon preparation. 8wks to go. Im a bit excited.

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