Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homebake Almond Cookie

I never thought doing this yummy cookie is that easy.

100g Bienetta sugar flour mixture
250g Fresh Almond Flakes
Wax paper
Mix half of Bienetta with almonds.
Stir to mix it evenly. You can add a pinch of salt if you like a bit of salty taste.
Distribute the mixture EVENLY onto the wax paper. Try to avoid using mahjong paper, else, it will stick to the paper after taken out from oven. Then, sprinkle the other half of Bienetta to 'close the gap'. As it contains sugar, once heated, it melts and becomes the base.
Bake abt 20min with 150C in the oven until it about to turn brownish.
Taa dah...
Once taken out from oven, while it's hot and still soft, use a knife to cut into grid line. Then, let it gets harden.
The final product!

This is the 'mouse' of course.


Wan Lin said...

Look yummy. Please leave some for me :D

chongwah said...

haha. sure. come n visit me la...

felixdbear said...

Hi Chong Wah,

Good try! Any more to share?

ruiqing said...

Can u guarantee that I get some if I come over??SG just dun have anything to lure me over.:-(

Rizqah Abadi said...

look yummy.. how can i get bienetta powder plsssssss

dinebloomer89 said...

where did u get the bienetta powder from??