Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Are you really busy(真忙)? Pretend to be busy(装忙)? Or just being fuss around(瞎忙)?

It's such a common organization behavior.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MALAKOFF 12KM 2008 - 21.12.2008

It has been a while I am missing from Msia's road race. Always, timing not right or having other priority. All OX somehow not even 1 in joining this event. Probably due to the RM30/40 registration fee. Ya, it's not cheap. But to me, I need a race to feel again the joy of crossing a finish line.

I brought along a new toy to the race, Nike+. Never before I logged down my own running pattern.

I am happy with my unofficial timing, 55:33. Graph above tells all. Trapped in the flock of surging cavalry once race started. Darn, I really couldn't get what is in some runners' mind. If you want to tuck yourself in front of the running pack, then please start to run once you cross the starting line la. Somehow they just start to WALK! Arggh, next time, I will choose to stand in front! Right after I got away from the jam, a steep accent followed.

Many said it's a boring route but I don't mind. Just make sure the safety and there's sufficient water station, I wont complain. Although, it's true this is a camel back's route. Saw PM1 500M before making the 1st U-turn. Damn fast. Knowing his finishing time is abt 49Min. A big room for improvement if I am able to be more discipline, which is the hardest part ;D

Next, the GE30K. Should meet some new runners in Spore asap else, I will have to train alone.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hapi 1st Anniversary!


Time flies in light speed. Don't ask me how do I feel abt marriage. I can't be frank here ;-D But, I do feel it's feasible for university to intro a new management subject calls Marriage Management.

Celebrating this mandatory yet wonderful event in 1 of my favorite western restaurants - Paulaner Bräuhaus. To be exact, I only go for its beer - Munich Lager. FANTASTIC! The Curve has 1 too.

That's the 0.5L Munich Lager.

German sausages.
Dessert - Crispy crunchy Silverfish.

Still feel quite unbelievable. Never thought I would get married so soon actually. Maybe my residing hairlines told me so. Hard to have someone who you really sure can spend together for lifetime. Made some bad investments over the years. Luckily, I got my marriage right! Haha.


I feel blessed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gosh... I bought NIKE+

Cost me another SGD50. Eventually, I spent SGD175 on NIKE product over the weekend. Maybe I think that during a worse recession next yr, I wont dare to buy anything, so, spend now la. It consists only 2 simple components. A sensor and a receiver.
1 thing that Im sure going to find out is, how technically the gadget work. Then, will try to attach the sensor to any other shoes. Does anyone ever attempted before?

Legs still sore after sunday's 20km run. So, try it for the 1st time just to collect data. As usual, started from office and end at home. The ipod readings as follow:
Distance: 6.9KM
Time: 33:25

Pace: 4:49min/km
Calories: 430
(gosh, Im 60kg now)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shoes... IN and OUT

God damn it!
My Adidas Supernova Cushion 7 got stolen! Cursing hard the thief... Such a great shoes! Light, responsive, ventilated, comfort and cushioned. Bought at SGD127 last time.

Decided not to buy back the same shoes so that I can try on other. Somehow, this shoes just caught my eyes with its innovative design. Look really nice, Nike Zoom Victory+. SGD125. Took it to ECP for a 18KM 'ride. Narrow toe area. Sole is hard for my feet. Guess it's more like a shopping shoes for me now. Perhaps, a few more run it will fit more to my feet.

Months ago, bought an Asics GT2130 at SGD120, 40% disc. It should be my main racing shoes for now. Once, tried it on 30KM LSD. Light, responsive with cushion. Happy with it.

Do think of buying another pair specifically for training. I am thinking for AdiStar. My last pair of AdiStar Control left some fond memory with me. Great cushion. I felt my feet is proctected. Though it's heavier, but not a problem to me. The weight is good during training.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Take my strides back to the road

Bothered by ever change project schedule. Bombarded by a series of RED BOOM in Dec too. Decided not to register any run. But I really miss Penang's running event. To be exact, I miss Penang Foods! Still remember my 1st Penang race where I endured the stomach pain after halfway coz was carrying some kilos of shit with me. Too much food the day before even though had it released before the run started.

Have been running at least a time at wk day. Running back from office to West Coast. Appox 7/8KM within 35min. Then, thanks to Rwen's companion at ECP for 20K. Really love the route with greens, pretty ladies, sea breeze and Old Town White Coffee that we eventually had our breakfast. Home sick? Just feel the same shop in Msia has the better taste.

The following week, back to Msia and found some 30K kakis for weekend. On Fri nite, I had some alcohol and it made me headache when I woke up at 5am. Abandoned the plan to run with ameba and Choi. I should stop thinking that I am still young la...

Luckily, Tey and Grace did plan to run on Sunday. Didn't have breakfast! Found there's no hot water for a Milo too, so, just left la.Made no mistake to be there on time. So nice in meeting them since my wedding. At least, keep myself updating abt the running circle there. Finished my run in 1hr50min. Wanted to wait for Grace and Tey but I was just too hungry and left.

I start to wonder if the Phiten really works in reducing tiredness? Since I put it on, I have yet to get any cramp! Sure hope it works on me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My new Gadget


Lost my sunglass in NY last year. Have been thinking of a replacement since but in vein. I wanted something meaningful to me. Something that would spur me on, as an inspiration & aspiration.

It's so ironic. While I read his book, "It’s not about the bike, My journey back to life", I told myself to get ready with cancer, and must fight & win it like Lance. My family gen trait does have cancer history. Few months after that, my dad suddenly being diagnosed with leukemia. Somehow, I didn't feel sad, but rather, disappointed with the Dr.'s verdict. I tried to keep emotion at bay. I set my mind like a robot, focus the problem, and try to solve it. Now, I am a bit regret for not showing enough emotion towards him.

Can't wait to run under the sun with my new shades. Thanks ya, Tiger.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bali Honeymoon Dive

It's my 3rd visit already.

We went diving at Tulamben and Nusa Penida. Great diving experience to me but not for my wife. She had equalisation problem which I thought she has get rid of it. She's already an Advance but I wasnt with her during her course! Just got to know that her instructor had given her a drib of sudafed directly to her ear before 1st dive of each dive trip.

An instructor fren that I just met told me that it's not appropriate to do that. Reason? Sudafed will wear off by time and divers might have difficulty to equalize during the ascent! Worst, eardrum burst. So, I am really skeptical if wifey should do diving again or not. And, she quitted without any REFUND! Man, I am a bit pissed off with the diveshop.


It wasn't on its best that day. Visibility was abt 15m. But still able to spot cuttlefish, ghost/robust pipefish, pygmy seahorse etc.

Cystal Bay
The Mola Mola encounter happened the next day at Cystal Bay, Nusa Penida. It was a cloudy morning. News was that some divers had seen them 4 days in a row. I prayed for the lucky number 5. My wish was granted.

Water was cold towards the cleaning station, 24C. 3mm wet suit was futile in defending the heat outflow from my body. Then, the DM showed us 'the sign', 1) Palm Grasp & 2) Raise the thumb & the last finger. At 35m, from far, there's a giant shadow which got nearer and nearer until I saw the trademark dorsal fins. Yes, the MOLA! It swam away and disappear in deep ocean once it noticed us.

Thought that was it. Then, DM showed 'the sign' again, and pointing down. The 2nd MOLA! Obviously, it was cleaning itself. Moorish idols were dancing around it to feed on the parasites. I tried to get closer but somehow manage to have a look on my gauge. 40m! Afraid that my underwater casing will leak, I hovered steadily and did the video recording.

Felt drowsy once got on the boat. Was it too deep? Close to Narcosis? Not known. When the boat about to depart to the next dive site, shout from pair of divers at a distance attracted our attention. Gosh... they (divers from another group) had been drifted by the current! Yes, Crystal Bay is well known for the tricky current that from many direction. We picked them up and brought them to their boat.

Manta Point
From the boat, we already could spot the mantas 'playing' with wave at the cliff side. I was thrilled with the image of a school of manta circling above me already. Once got into the water, the chill just freezed whatever imagination that I had into ice cube. It was 20C! In the water, I kept moving my body moving to generate heat. useless. My muscle kept shivering until I felt pain. Worse, where did all the mantas gone? I remember my breath was short and fast. Gas tank was already at 50psi. Deva ju. When I felt gave up, a small manta swam towards us like a kite. Followed by an adult glided thru underneath us. That's it. Endured a 40min icy water for a 2min manta show. Priceless. Priceless? Priceless my ass!!! Sneezed out a chunk of bloody mucus from nose once I emerged from water. Too cold and it hurt my blood vessel at sinus. Felt damn unwell. Nose still bleeding and body still shivering. Sat under the sun to catch warm until I got burnt without notice.

Got so moody on that day. I felt unwell, wifey can't dive and dive shop refused to refund. Told me all kind of crap like it's already the best package and it's very cheap. My chilly ass! If it wasn't due to the proposed itinerary & the suggested stay, over my dead body I will engage them. USD288 per pax aint cheap at all. Blame on myself that I choose to be lazy not to plan the dive trip myself.

The underwater clip is HERE. Do go to my facebook for more pic.

Finally, I saw Ghost Pipefish myself.
1 of my all time favorites, cuttlefish.
Never see such Nudibranch before. A big one.
The hidden 'ikan bakar'.
Pygmy Seahorse. Very hard to spot this tiny little thing at the coral. Relying on DM's experience.
As little as 3mm.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy busy busy wedding (updated1)

Not my 2nd marriage but it's my 2nd wedding dinner on 31Aug2008. 1st wedding dinner done in spore back in 5Dec07. As I've told my frends, it's ironic to loss my independent on the independent day! ;-)

2 things I will pray on that day:
1. No funny thing happens in politics on that day. But, I do hope for a CHANGE!
2. God, please gift me a sunny day.

Sharing our joy:
Here's a clip that I will play on my dinner day.
Here's our wedding shots & a slideshow.
Here's our wedding day montage. Fresh & Hot.

Olympic Marathon

Watched the Olympic marathon race on TV today. A Kenyan won the race in 2h06m. World record is 2hr04m.

Previously, I will tune to other channel immediately when it's a running event. It's bored as per most people, and it's a 42km race. Not this time for me as I know a bit more about running. My heartbeat went faster when the race was tight between a group of 5 leaders. It was like I was 1 of them too. Keep the pace, keep close to the leaders, keep stride...

That's why, I won't rule out that I will never love golf in the future. It's the most boring sports for me, period.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

King of the 'Rolling' Road, I am!

I almost miss the fun. Watched Batman until 3am. Only managed to sleep for an hour. Luckily, the 'snooze' saved me from kidnapped by joker in dreamland.

Met up with appleyee & gang to depart. Have to be remora to tag along someone since I'm a genuine road blind outside PJ.

Surprise surprise. The long gone TBK was there. Even Rwen & Ironman-in-waiting, captain KMeng were there. KMeng made a wavy sign with his hand. Got it. Camel back route ahead of us.

As usual, the cavalry surge at the beginning. Packed. Wanted to pace with Ameba but hmmm... someone showed up besides her with the same pace. Just got to know they are the wind and fire pair.

TBK to the rescue! He sailed pass us, and I decided to tag him. Good decision, else, I mite be blown away by wind, or burnt by fire ;-) But the fact was, TBK damn kiasu. He was already in gear4 at 3KM and even used gear5 for hilly part. His pace was too fast for me and I knew I was going to have a weak finishing. Haven't been running as constant as I wanted to but work has been the shadow that I tried hard to get rid of. Anyway, guess even myself tired of giving the same excuse over and over again.

We turbo all the way and caught up KMeng at 13KM. At 16KM, I started to drop out from TBK's pace. Rupa-rupanya, he had been doing close-door training.

He finished with 1hr56min, me got 1hr58min. Good to have him back. At least, he will give a good fight with Tiger, when he's back from close-door-gym training in US.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brunei Oh Brunei...(updated)

Going to Brunei for HSBC Olympic Games, SouthEactAsia version. As usual, Im taking part in badminton.

Enjoyed very much (even losing) in my last 2 training sessions because, there's a very good player in my team now.

OK. All I know is, no selling alcohol in Brunei... Must be quite boring then... But, Im ready for any surprise...

It's a fun trip indeed. Fun to meet new fren like Dex, a local. Fun to meet back old frens from Msia. Most of all, fun to win & lose because every match was a tough match. I did a lot of jumping smash this time, mainly because I have finally put on contact lens. No more jumping-smash-then-adjust-spec routine. Try to nail each point, when the shuttle was lifted high. The point system now is very nervy as each point counts.

Dex had cordially brought me around Brunei on the 1st day. And, we finished round-the-country in 1hr. Some interesting facts abt Brunei:
- Petrol is $0.53.
- $50K can buy a Merc C Class.
- Only 30 taxi in Brunei, since everyone owns a car.
- Every buildings can't build higher than their mosque.
- Their Sultan portrait is everywhr. Absolutely everywhr.
- Underground beer can be bought at $5. Else, drive 2hr to Miri, 1 can costs you $1.
- Education is free.
- Civil servant can apply for very nice landed gov hse. Rental: $150 (!@#$%^)

Morning parade with a super tight track bottom.
Our loyal fans, soccer team and net ball team. I smashed harder for them ;-)
My partner & I. Learnt that he did jumping smash too. Later he told me it's because 'You jump, I jump'!
Acrobatic! Trust me. If you possess the correct & basic badminton skills, you will have a nice body line. It's my toughest sports.
My roommate cum star of my team.
My favorite pic. Jump Jump!
We got 2nd eventually. The best result we could get.

I was having a severe backache for the following 3 days. Too much jumping smash I think;-) Age does catching up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perhaps, the last 20KM before Adidas KOTR

I felt lucky when Ameba told me that she will run 20K on Saturday. I just need a companion in running. Darn. Went to bed only at 3am. SMS her that I can't make it in the next morning.

I felt more lucky when I found out that she also failed to wake up and suggested to run on Sunday morning. And, we met at Lake Garden car park at 6am sharp!

Maybe, subconciously, I know Ameba is in good shape (Prize RM300 here and RM100 there sure good form right?), we started in a fast pace. Quite kan cheong when running with her now. There's also a uncle who paced along us. We split at 6K when she wanted to try a new energy product (she prones to lausai with PowerGel).

Stopped at Petronas at 54min. Felt good with a speedy end. Waited for Ameba while poured myself with Gatorade. She's not far behind. Really impressive. Abt 5min rest, off we go again. Then, decided to breakaway from Ameba again coz tried to catch with a lady. She's fast.

On the way back, saw PM1 'walking' from the opposite direction! He just join any events with medals I think. Medal tally in his network is close.

Ended with total time ~1hr43min running time. The fastest ever non-competition time. A good badminton match last week really help I think. Anyway, great to have such a good work out. Else KOTR sure die.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

CCG Games 2008

Captained the Mixed Team.

Good thing about being a captain is, you are the center of 'attraction'. Captains' group photo, captain armband presentation and get called by the control every time there's an issue. Even during gift exchange, there's a special gift for Captain.

It's cool to be the-Captain.
The team. We didn't do well. Knocked out at the group stage. But, I think the defeat is the perfect wake-up call for some who felt guilty. Hope we shine in our coming event - our very own HSBC Olympic Games, Brunei.

Badminton was the 1st sports that I picked up, along with my brothers. And, we started it RIGHT. A good volunteer coach passed on the basics but essential skills and foot work and it is very much relevant why I can still play good (not bad la) badminton once I pick it back.

No doubt, badminton had given me a strong fitness base me to excel in subsequent sports. When I was the fittest me, pumping & sit-up in 100 counts were sweatless. My light weight was a reason though.

Sadly, it's no more the passion that I felt once. It's now more like a social games, only when there's a tournament to play. Probably, it's due to difficulty in finding a bunch of players with the same standard. Perhaps, the really cause is I always want to try new things. But definately, I still enjoy any tough games in double though. With a good partner, and a good opponent, I always feel great even I lost.

Brunei, here we come! Pls serve us beer...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McD Olympic Run 2008

Short distance race really makes me puff harder. 5min high speed run makes me feel like 30min. The mind, heartbeat, abs (6 in 1 also kira la) muscles & leg muscles all were not synchronized. When mind wanted legs to run fast, legs were yet to warm up. When legs were ready, abs' turn to have a contraction (not enough speed train, O2 flow not efficient). Then slowed down to let everything subside. By the time legs & abs were ready, the mind got de-motivated when I looked at the timing watch (out of target time).

Don't care la (我不管), just run afap and don't accept any excuse or regret afterwards.

Sailed thru the finish at 34min. Approx.

*afap = as FAST as possible.
*many thanks to Julie who picked up the hassle to register for me.
*as usual, thanks to Tey for the photos.
Bumped to an old gila-gila fren from UM. Never expect that she runs... Hope she will continue to do so.
"It's what I eat & what I do" from McD sponsored shirt. After race, cokes and wall's aiskrim were served too. Good to refill the lost calories. Ironic right?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poor oh poor KKK... (2)

Deja vu. The current national coach vented his displeasure on his player again, publicly! What on earth is his intension?

Certainly, that's not the way to motivate a player.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mountaineers - Storm-Over-Everest (end on 13Jun)


You might think twice to try Everest. But, human being human, million of reasons for someone to make such attempt.

Me, I can't dream of it no more. I have commitments now. Maybe, just put my steps at the base camp will be enough... Maybe...

Thanks Ameba. I need such story.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sundown Marathon wrap-up

It's a special run. A special night run of coz. Can't really tell the running course coz it's still dark. But I am aware that I did passed many many pavements, a reservoir, overhead bridges (according a source in PM1, 5 of them and I hate all 5 of them), HDB flats and East Coast Park (some lunatics offerred us beers there!).

So unexpected with the result. I clocked a PR for myself, 4hr27min.

Maybe some muscles sets were trained after Rinjani.
Maybe I ate lots of rice & bananas after my excessive badminton games on Thu.
Maybe the badminton games itself helps.
Maybe is my Phiten.
Maybe my dinner was Sakae Teppanyaki (Unagi Brown Rice with Shitake Mushroom).
Maybe I am nocturnal! Didn't yawn like I did Night 30K with Ching Tai & co.
Maybe it's the Supernova Cushion 7. Much lighter than AdiStar.

Definately, pressureless mentality helps. Not setting any target time at all.
Definately, a pacing with Ewe Cheong, a new Penang friend helps.
Definately, a pacing with a UNKNOWN lady at the distance between 3o-38KM helps. We kept exchanging lead.

The strong finish really revitalised my thought of aiming sub 4 in my next marathon. Anyway, I always hopeful but never stick to the training plan. What a shame but can't help much sometimes. . .

The island gang! Pre-run pose with Adizero apparel. Very body-fit.

The Adidas Response apparel. The finisher T.
This lady, is the one whom I started to pace from 30KM. Checked her result. 5min faster than me eventually. Courtesy from tekko & Tey who had directed me to his page. My nipples nice huh! The Adizero is too sexy for man. Thin and body tight.

Monday, May 26, 2008


看了后,暗笑了很久。好一个比喻!也好,终于知道我隔壁那只老虎的颜色了。昨天的21公里,有如这星期Sundown Marathon的救命泉源。不然的话,我真的不敢想象42公里后的后果。



Friday, May 09, 2008

Lombok - Mt Rinjani (12-15.05.2008)

No idea how on earth Captain KMeng came with the brilliant idea of volcano trekking 2 years ago. We did Mt Agung in Dec2005. That was a whole new experience of trekking. Subsequently, it had led the interest among other OXians. I can understand how they feel. It's like I've got the black belt in Taekwando and you are still in Pink! ;-) And, only I can blow a better water when comes to this topic. But today, the privilledge is levelled. We got a fair 4D3N package from lomboktrekking and start our journey.

Day 1:
We began from Rinjani Trek Centre, Senaru.
The checkpoints/campsites. Rain welcomed us during our lunch break at Pos II. It was suppose to be a dry month!

Our 1st night campsite, Pos III. It was the coldest night during the trip at only 2000m. 9C! Probably due to the rain. Freezing cool as my sleeping bag can only withstand 20C!

The guides and porters were preparing our dinner. We were apparently, served like Kings which, made us really paiseh.

Day 2:
Today, we would be able to witness the Rinjani Crater Rim from a small peak at 2600m. Then, we will descend back to 2000m, and camp at Anak Segara Lake.
Rinjani erupted 1 million ago, stood at 5000+m tall. Now, flora has grown around it. Until you see the crater, it looks just like the grassland in New Zealand.
It's a drastic change of terrain once you reach the crater rim. This confirms that you are on a volcano indeed. It erupted 1mil yr ago. From 5000M+, it stands now at 3723M. The baby volcano inside the rim erupted at 1994. The lake is Anak Segara Lake where we will camp aside.

Fishing at the lake is a common activity by the locals, for living or merely hobby. Some of them camp there for a week and have to endure a cold night.

Muksin the cook! Curry paku pakis freshly picked from the jungle. We had finished the dinner in the fastest manner ever! Within 10Min, all wiped out by our hunger and the chilly night.
Segara Anak Lake is my favorite camp site ever, so far. The ever changing climate, the fog and cloud forming, sunlight penetration into the rim never stop orchestrating the nature's beauty. Everything happens around the lake is very much lively. It's like in a fairy land.

Day 3:
We ascended to a height of 2600M, and spent a night there before attacking the peak. 4hr to reach. Piece of cake.
At campsite, Captain KMeng had the summit already in his mind?
The rim view from another angle, at our final campsite.
Loose rock. Now, that looks more volcano than New Zealand grassland.

It's a campsite with no median, only extreme. When you hide yourself under a tree shed, it's freezing cool. When you try to have warmth under the sunlight, it's burning hot. Ameba told me the temperature in her camp was 54C as per her analog thermometer. I'm still skeptical on the accuracy. Everyone was having the effect of the 2 extremes and tried hard to adapt it.

Dark comes as early as 6pm in Lombok. After the dinner, we slept with some 'brem', a tasteful Lombok rice wine. It chased the chill away from our body.

KMeng, Leong, Kenny & I have had the unfogetable tough experience on Mt. Agung. Now, the rest finally can have a hands-on on loose rocks trail. 1 step up, half a step slides down. More, it usually bundled with strong cum chilly wind at the barren top. It cut thru my windbreaker and almost swung away my walking stick. Almost.

Just nice for sunrise. TBK, Ailing & MC made it to the top! Kenny as the usual Kenny. Snapping pic like pro.
The iron ladies made it after fought the chills and winds.
How cold it was? Click the pic, and look what I have got for you. 'It' is between my mouth and my nose ;-)
That's the summit at 3726M! Like Mt. Agung and many other volcanos, it's a sacred place for the local. We shall always respect with hope that, in return, we are blessed with a safe journey back.
Loose rock ROCKS! From the pic from far, you will doubt if the trail is wide enough to walk pass.

We glided down the loose rock like skiing. It took us merely 2hr to get back to our camp. There's a technic! Step with your heel! But, watch out. Don't be too fast that you glide to aside. It would be a goodbye, forever.
We were back to camp at 9am. Then, the descend all the way from 2600M to 1000M to stay over night at Plawangan Sembalun village. The sun was too kind for us. A shaddy day all the way. Or else, we would be baked like the famous suckling pigs.

Arriving the village.

Summit view outside our stay.