Friday, May 09, 2008

Lombok - Mt Rinjani (12-15.05.2008)

No idea how on earth Captain KMeng came with the brilliant idea of volcano trekking 2 years ago. We did Mt Agung in Dec2005. That was a whole new experience of trekking. Subsequently, it had led the interest among other OXians. I can understand how they feel. It's like I've got the black belt in Taekwando and you are still in Pink! ;-) And, only I can blow a better water when comes to this topic. But today, the privilledge is levelled. We got a fair 4D3N package from lomboktrekking and start our journey.

Day 1:
We began from Rinjani Trek Centre, Senaru.
The checkpoints/campsites. Rain welcomed us during our lunch break at Pos II. It was suppose to be a dry month!

Our 1st night campsite, Pos III. It was the coldest night during the trip at only 2000m. 9C! Probably due to the rain. Freezing cool as my sleeping bag can only withstand 20C!

The guides and porters were preparing our dinner. We were apparently, served like Kings which, made us really paiseh.

Day 2:
Today, we would be able to witness the Rinjani Crater Rim from a small peak at 2600m. Then, we will descend back to 2000m, and camp at Anak Segara Lake.
Rinjani erupted 1 million ago, stood at 5000+m tall. Now, flora has grown around it. Until you see the crater, it looks just like the grassland in New Zealand.
It's a drastic change of terrain once you reach the crater rim. This confirms that you are on a volcano indeed. It erupted 1mil yr ago. From 5000M+, it stands now at 3723M. The baby volcano inside the rim erupted at 1994. The lake is Anak Segara Lake where we will camp aside.

Fishing at the lake is a common activity by the locals, for living or merely hobby. Some of them camp there for a week and have to endure a cold night.

Muksin the cook! Curry paku pakis freshly picked from the jungle. We had finished the dinner in the fastest manner ever! Within 10Min, all wiped out by our hunger and the chilly night.
Segara Anak Lake is my favorite camp site ever, so far. The ever changing climate, the fog and cloud forming, sunlight penetration into the rim never stop orchestrating the nature's beauty. Everything happens around the lake is very much lively. It's like in a fairy land.

Day 3:
We ascended to a height of 2600M, and spent a night there before attacking the peak. 4hr to reach. Piece of cake.
At campsite, Captain KMeng had the summit already in his mind?
The rim view from another angle, at our final campsite.
Loose rock. Now, that looks more volcano than New Zealand grassland.

It's a campsite with no median, only extreme. When you hide yourself under a tree shed, it's freezing cool. When you try to have warmth under the sunlight, it's burning hot. Ameba told me the temperature in her camp was 54C as per her analog thermometer. I'm still skeptical on the accuracy. Everyone was having the effect of the 2 extremes and tried hard to adapt it.

Dark comes as early as 6pm in Lombok. After the dinner, we slept with some 'brem', a tasteful Lombok rice wine. It chased the chill away from our body.

KMeng, Leong, Kenny & I have had the unfogetable tough experience on Mt. Agung. Now, the rest finally can have a hands-on on loose rocks trail. 1 step up, half a step slides down. More, it usually bundled with strong cum chilly wind at the barren top. It cut thru my windbreaker and almost swung away my walking stick. Almost.

Just nice for sunrise. TBK, Ailing & MC made it to the top! Kenny as the usual Kenny. Snapping pic like pro.
The iron ladies made it after fought the chills and winds.
How cold it was? Click the pic, and look what I have got for you. 'It' is between my mouth and my nose ;-)
That's the summit at 3726M! Like Mt. Agung and many other volcanos, it's a sacred place for the local. We shall always respect with hope that, in return, we are blessed with a safe journey back.
Loose rock ROCKS! From the pic from far, you will doubt if the trail is wide enough to walk pass.

We glided down the loose rock like skiing. It took us merely 2hr to get back to our camp. There's a technic! Step with your heel! But, watch out. Don't be too fast that you glide to aside. It would be a goodbye, forever.
We were back to camp at 9am. Then, the descend all the way from 2600M to 1000M to stay over night at Plawangan Sembalun village. The sun was too kind for us. A shaddy day all the way. Or else, we would be baked like the famous suckling pigs.

Arriving the village.

Summit view outside our stay.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chong Wah,

Its gorgeous! Amazing view, feel so touch for this natural creation.
Congrats, another best trekking experience for everyone of you guy!!

Lai Fong Sang said...

Fantastic! Great view! The scenery is truly amazing, magnificient and breathtaking! How I wish I was there too!

Tey said...

Wah...sipeh sui ,eh bai yi ting ai tze

chongwah said...

Any1 who interested, u can always drop me a mail for the trekking info. We went in 10pax, thus, managed to get a cheaper price (we think la) at USD120. 4D3N is highly recommended bcoz, u can stay an extra night at the lake. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

At the end of the trip, we did tip the porters n guuides. I thk we all should.