Sunday, May 04, 2008

Singapore Sundown Preparation

It's so important to have companion in a long run. Back to hibernation after the KLIM.

Thanks to Rwen's invitation, we did a 20KM at East Coast Park (ECP) 2 weeks ago. Slow and easy. But fly kite Rwen on next week.

Fortunately, I was back to Msia to settle something. Bumped up with Tey via MSN and he led me to Ching Tai. They were organizing a midnite run of their own in preparation for the coming sundown in Spore.

So, 4May, 1145pm, I arrived to meet up them. Not knowing anyone, not even Ching Tai himself, I introduced myself. Asking around who is going to run 30K but with no reply. Everyone was going for 60K! Jaw drop... But then, what da heck, planned to follow them the 1st 25K, then, 5K back on my own. Jz hope that wont bump to any robbers.

Slowly, warming with a chat with Ching Tai and gang. We started with 11ppl. Most of them are Ironman & lady. Soon, left 8 who has the same pace. The rest flew off. In the group, a guy from Spore, Mohan, who pratically comes to Msia to run with his friends here every week.

After crossed over to Hartamas area, at every subsequent 5K, ChingTai had earlier dropped off a pack of drinks and foods for us to replenish ourselves. I was damn hungry. There's even icy fruits! Runners, you should be able to imagine how refreshing it is.

The pace was just nice for me. Thank god that they were aiming to run 60K. Or else, I am sure they would go faster. Met up Fook with his girlFRIENDS too. 1 man, accompanied by 3 ladies. Sigh, for me, that's history though. Haha.

At 20K, Hartamas Petronas, 3 runners wanted for just 30K. Great, I got companions. The last 5K was killing me. I puffed so hard, trying to keep pace with lady M. I was so sleepy and hungry I guess. But then, the harder you push, the faster you get over it, and you feel the stronger you are.

I can't remember why I stopped at the last 500m. Really bad memory nowadays. But I did and could only recall that I waited for lady M along. Safety in Msia, never take for granted. The other 2 went on for extra miles as their GPS showed they are 1K short of 30K.

Yawned and yawned. Drove back safely and plunged to bed immediately after bath. Satisfied.

Too bad that I would go trekking the week next. Else, I will join them again. And, I should contribute the foods and drinks too. Nice to know some new friends, who made of IRON.


jue said...

WOW! What a heavenly place! This world is truly beautiful and hope it will not be polluted in the name of development.

jue said...

ooOOPs ... i mean the Mt Rinjani Trek. What a marvelous place!

BTW, would you like to join the X'mas Island run (21k)in Oct '08? check out for details. if you love nature, you might love this place.