Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Hacking' the Nike+ System

Picture paints a thousand words.

For those non-Nike shoe fans, but looking for a low cost system to log down the run with Nike+. Dr. Tan, specially made for you. Pls get your legs right n RUN!

1) The essentials.

2) Place the sensor into the bag. Ziplock bag would be ideal.

3. Roll it.

4. Slide it to any shoes. What's more, it's waterproof!

Warning: I did ever lost the sensor before with this method. So, don't be slack to tighten up your shoe lace, and make sure the bag has the length from top to bottom shoe lace. Above, the last pic is a perfect example.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nike LunarElite Shoe Problem

I bought the shoes last week for my coming marathons training. 1st day in my office, it perpetually causing a subtle of pain. It hurt the joint between my phalanges & metatarsal area. Once I took off the shoe at home, pls look what it has done to my feet below. I am sure it causes me severe blister if I run even a 10K with it? Or even injury?

Initially, I thought it's just because it's new but it still hurting today albeit subtly. Sometimes, the pain is akin to a needle poke. To me, it's a flaw product. I worn many shoes as a marathoner. This is the only shoes that causing such problem to me.

Think it has now become my expensive shopping shoe. Sent a mail to to highlight about their product problem but receive no reply though. Heck...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

StandChart KL Marathon 2010

The training started 4mth ago. Keep tracking d runs with low cost but less reliable nike+. Not alwaz reliable though with d sometimes disconnected feature. Hate it when it happens! Total distance ~550km. So, here's wat happened on d race day.

Water droplets started to leave mark on my windshield. Drizzling. Turn my sight to d sky, it was painted with red at 4am. Oh great... Expecting a wet marathon ahead. That cooled my burning passion. Park d car at LG, get myself prepared with nike+, n stretched to d starting line. Oh, thunders. Followed by d the pour! Was looking 4 my sub4 pacer but all d pacers balloons were not in sight. Gun-off with d blessing rain. My nike+ sys was the 1st to receive d blessing. The rain put them to 'rest' eternally. Was then bz to resurrect them but in vain. Thats really disruptive to my pace. Hate it! Luckily, d music stayed alive.

Saw PM1 sped up n passed over me at 5th km. Guess all d balloon pacers started late somehow. I gave up my nike+. Without it n any sub4 pacer in sight, i jz follow my instinct with d km marker.

At 18km, toilet call. Failed to purge them completely b4 i left home n d residue haunted my stomach 4 a vengeance. Saw a SHELL station n settle d internal affair. I was quite confident though. My split at 10/21/32k were 0:55/1:52/2:52 n still feel strong. Thn, my calf gave d 1st subtle ticklish signal again. I was frustrated n puzzled y cramp still happen to me. Suddenly i saw LFS at front. Must b passing me by while i got tangled by my problematic nike+. It was like our 1st face 2 face meet as we merely xchg words via FB. Tagged him 4 a while but lost him totally whn d cramp emerged at greater force at 34k. It was 3:00. I thk it was a big mistake tat i decided to rest n massage my calf. I conclude tat only cost me d time, n its practically unhelpful to relief d cramp. Sh hv jz continue to run (n some advised sh hv run faster. Maybe, coz i still feel strong) to get over d cramp. The circumstance is best described as the car still has lots of petrol but the mechanical glitch fails d car.

Nonetheless, at 38k, time was 3:35, at bkt tunku double-hill compound. I somehow optimistic but d last stretch of hilly route n without any info abt my pace cost me d ultimate goal. Perhaps, i ran too cautiously not to eggravate the cramp. N i underestimate d final 1km too. Hallucination. I didn't expect to run another loop while dataran merdeka is already in sight! In fact, I somehow don't like to know the route in prior. Everythg seems too wrong n too late to get it right. 4:00:56 at finish line.

That 56s regret! Abt 200m away from d goal.

A huge sigh, but a greater lesson learnt perhaps. To be optimistic, i got a better idea on training method nxt time. Quality must prevails quantity.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My 1st Foldie Bike Trip - 09-11.07.2010

Dahon MU P8

It's HW's fault for intro Dahon to me. Then, I kept looking for a reason to buy & I got one. "For the sake of my wife's health, I want her to exercise more". Perfect. Swiped the card and I saw the lucky number RM2,222.

Day 1, 91KM, Sg Buloh-Genting Sempah-Bentung-Chamang Waterfall
From Damansara Damai, we began our journey on the horrific traffic at 730 2wd genting sempah. Man, that following 20km gave a tough time 2 me n foldie, our 1st hill ride. Regrouped w km at d peak at 11am. After a break, v enjoyed the downhill speed 2wd bentong, then, another sun grilling 38km. Lunch at 1pm. 'Auntie, add rice pls!' I fell asleep on the restaraunt table, while km did some shopping on the street for tonite's dinner. gonna spend our nite in camping style besides chamang waterfall. At 3pm, off we headed to the campsite with another 8km of uphill. Gosh, it was a 'hill' day if not hell. Loniness surged whn i realised thr's no mobile network. Somehow, I felt so down. Missing every1 i love n care. Its tormenting. Perhaps, i hv been so attached to d so call civilization. Negative thoughts flocked in my mind. The day of so many climbs had filled me with doubt that i mite not be doing it again. Then, rain started to pour. The whole ambience blended well with the sorrow mood that immersed into me. At dinner, km suggested 2 make all d way 2 kkb tmr. Mean, d 3rd day could end shorter. That news cheers me up a bit. I was wori 4 d ppl who wori abt me. Such feeling has urged me 2 get home asap, or at least, contactable. Day 1, v wrapped up the 91km with a creative dinner from chef, and a great shelter. Light off at 10pm Zzz...

Foldie at Genting Sempah.

Chamang Waterfall. Water roars after the rain.

Our waterproof campsite. The perfect shelter we couldn't ask for more especially it rained later.

km, the chef. A warm hearted dinner. From left, tuna+vege+anchovies soup; fried tuna; rice.

km, the chef in action.

Exiting campsite. On our way to Fraser Hill.

Day 2, 92KM, Bentung-Fraser Hill (Gap)-KKB
We started off very late. 1st day fatigue had overwhelmed perhaps. At 830am only v started 2 move out frm chamang waterfall n had a brunch at a restraunt on d way. After that, we turned into a winding rd 2wd Jln simpang 55. A quiet n serenity place but still kind off steep 4 me. Poor km bore more loads with d tent n misc items. Well, only his bike equiqqed with travel bags, so... At 29km, v reach d junction to fraser hill. D sun is bloody fierce with the continous UV beaming. I cycled zig-zagly 2wd the tree shade at left and right. Its all d way up up n up in 2hr15 of gruelling butt-pain and mentally challeged to reach Gap, the border of Selangor & Pahang. Fortunately, thr's a food stall 4 lunch. Stomach grousing, sun burnt, n a shaken legs. Regroup w km an hr later. pity him 2c his load. After our lunch, we took a nap. Suddenly, i overheard someone murmured 'hujan'. i jetted up n waken km as the sky was indeed in bad mood. Wasted d spf50 tat i had applied earlier. It was a fruitful feeling when our bike just gliding down all the 20km. So glad. But d sky started to sneeze. Drizzle n d wind sent a chilling shockwave into my nerve. Shivering uncontrolably. After awhile, all d bad weather disappeared. We ejy n nice shaddy sky but then, right after passing by Chilling waterfall, d initial campsite tat we planned 2 stay over nite, mother of rain greeted us again. our bike almost blown away by the strong father of wind. So damn lucky, thr was a pondok 1k away. All wet n sharing shelter w asli kids. V continued once d rain has stopped. A scenic view of kkb dam serves our sight. Felt d tranquility tat wil nvr b found in d bustling city life. V reach kkb at 6pm and chk in a RM30 hostel. After settling ourselves, v wander ard d small town. km reminded me that kkb is at 250ft. Kinda high land and surrounded by hills. D air n d weather were refreshing. craved 4 satay! Pulled d feverish km 2 eat 2gether. Sweet comes after bitter. That summed up Day 2.

Genting Highland was in our sight from Bentung.

Had a break at Raub-Bentung border. Puffing hard already.

The junction that we were looking for...

It's UP UP UP!

km's 'dashboard'.

Winding road. And steep too.

Jz like any other highland area, tanah runtuh is here n there.

Foldie made it! At GAP only ;-) The 'engine' surrendered to the next 10K steeper Fraser Hill Top.

Blessed by the rain??? Thank God there's a shelter not far away.

We were at KKB dam reservoir.


A satisfied smile.

That RM30 hostel. Check out that half roasted 'drumstick'!

Day 3, 56KM, KKB-Rawang-Kuang-Sg Buloh
Woke up frm a gd nite sleep at 7 n out 4 roti canai bfast. Gosh, its been a yr+ since i hv roti canai n teh tarik as my meal. We paddled the wheel at 830 twd rawang. Stopby 2 ask 4 direction n a bypasser directs us 2 go nkve n exit sg buloh. Kmeng is vry much resisting d idea. Highway is xtremely hazardous 4 him. While v dun hv other options, i try 2 allay his concern tat sunday, less cars. Somehiw, his instict urged him 2 ask a nangka seller while v r on d way. She pointed us an off road, twd kuang-sg buloh via a oil palm estate. I felt skeptic so I on my gps, chk d rd, oh, can do. Off v go. An estate rd indeed! Hilly, oil palm trees at both sides, cow dang, tribes of monkey and of coz winding rd. Sun ray flashed us at max. Thk I made a correct decision to put on a long sleeve. though stuffy but sure better than burnt. Managed 2 stopby at Kuang town 4 a refreshing coconut. Then, we nvr stop until sg buloh. At Bandar Sg Buloh, we were back 2 d main rd! Final destination is not far away but cant b slack on safety still. Sharing d road w reckless lorry n car drivers is no joke. Finally, reach dmsara damai at 12noon in 1 piece! Another safe journey that I have the chance to tell the story.

The Dawn at KKB town. Peacefully quiet.
From Rawang, sneak into an oil palm estate into Kuang.

The refreshing coconut.

The end of the journey. And, of coz, the foldie is in the car's bonnet.

Monday, February 01, 2010

The CNY is coming. So does the Almond Cookies!

Getting the ingredients ready and off we go. It's so easy to do the Almond Cookies but it's very painful to get the sugar powder, Bienetta.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My nikeplus log for 2009

Hippie Nude yr!

I have been running to prop up my motivation at work. So far, it does the trick on me. A new yr resolution in 2010 would be a sub 4 Marathon!

Nikeplus product has been a really good companion. But, there's a setback recently where the receiver keeps disconnected from ipod. That's very frustrating. Plan to join a running session which organized by Nike at Orchard, and make them aware of such problem. From the www forums, it seems that I am not alone.