Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nike LunarElite Shoe Problem

I bought the shoes last week for my coming marathons training. 1st day in my office, it perpetually causing a subtle of pain. It hurt the joint between my phalanges & metatarsal area. Once I took off the shoe at home, pls look what it has done to my feet below. I am sure it causes me severe blister if I run even a 10K with it? Or even injury?

Initially, I thought it's just because it's new but it still hurting today albeit subtly. Sometimes, the pain is akin to a needle poke. To me, it's a flaw product. I worn many shoes as a marathoner. This is the only shoes that causing such problem to me.

Think it has now become my expensive shopping shoe. Sent a mail to to highlight about their product problem but receive no reply though. Heck...

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