Monday, June 29, 2009

SCKLM 2009 - My Best at the Worst

Woke up late. Then, took me 15min to put on contact lenses. Gosh, eyes too small, hard la. The lenses are as big as my eyes liao.

Then, heavy rain poured at 415. We are dead, I murmured. Relieved when I reached Lake Garden. It's a dry road. It was 450, gotta speed to starting line. So, techinically, I have been running 43.125km that day ;-) Heard the gun shot when I was 200m away and drizzling. So, it's quite cool to be the last person to start from the finishing line.

Saw Tey, then Kenglu, joey, joey's dad (he was bz looking back for his daughter, so I didnt interrupt), songxiang, malcom, leelee before I crossed the finishing line.

iPod earphone gave me problem this time. Lost the music at 2oth k. So lonely after that. While at 30th, found a runner who ran at my pace. We paced each other till the end. Forget to get this name. Many thanks for his pacing. It's the 1st time that I finish the run strongly.

Forget abt 1 of the worst running event, this is my best finishing, period.

Split time: 10k-20k-30k-42k is 1:02-2:07-3:05-4:22

Oh ya. I also earned a free dinner in Spore too! Thx Tiger.

Ranting on SCKLM 2009

By now, all complaints are flooding facebook network. To call the organizer Octagon as OtakGone, is classic!

What do runners want in a running event? SAFETY, WATER, SMOOTH RACE KIT COLLECTION. Those are basics expectation but the organizer screwed it up big time.

Since nobody died, runners can't complain that it's not safe. Maybe, even the JPJ is powerless to control the drivers in Msia. In many occasions, even traffic police stops them, the drivers will still drive bases on their on judgement. 'Oh, the runner still 10M away from me, let me cross 1st. Can, I just pickup!' Vrooom... they took off 5M in front of us.

Above is an old story. It happens in every BIG running event in KL. That's KL marathon is abt. To show you the true KL! KL, truly Asia...

But at least, after Octagon took over to organise, we the runners are expecting something different. Maybe comparable to Spore. They end up nowhere near.

It started to impress me by offering ONLINE registration with credit card pymt & some good advertisement around Msia. Good start.

But then, the stink choked us at Race kit collect & water station. Nobody likes to Q long under a hot tropical weather. Nobody likes to feel a-fish-out-of-water where all the precious liquid 'ransacked' by those 10K (and 5k???) at the last 2 water stations! That's me who clocked abt 4h30m. I can't imagine those timing who are later than me where number empty water stations grows. Pity.

Pissed me off further is, once I crossed the line, me, a god damn thirsty marathoner still have to walk far, fought Q with 5/10K for a cup of 100+!!! And, where the hell is the promised complimentary massage station!!! I can't find it!!!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Official Sundown Timing

Crazy man! Really overspeed at the 3rd 10KM. 51min! But, in order to get sub 4, I think it was a promising timing at 30KM. Obviously, lack of longer run training.

Lowering down my target in SCKLM. 4hr15min ;-)

Sorry for those who want/wish me to do sub 4. Just being realistic. NO TIME TO TRAIN la...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Adidas Supernova Glide

Specifically designed for a man’s stride, the popular Supernova™ Glide is a versatile indoor/outdoor cushioned running shoe. GEOFIT™ construction provides a custom fit and FORMOTION™ technology adapts to each foot strike for a smooth, natural heel-to-toe transition. The seamless upper ensures breathable comfort, while the adiPRENE® midsole insert provides forefoot propulsion and efficiency. The dual-layer, antimicrobial insole enhances comfort and prevents odor. The adiWEAR® outsole promises reliable traction on a variety of terrain.

I go back to Adidas Supernova series this time. I had a very fond memory with this model. My previous pair got stolen. Once I slipped into it, yes, I could feel it will not disappoint me. Officially appointing it as my SCKLM racing shoes.

At Queensway, Adidas shoes is no more offered at 30%. Max is 25% now. Gosh... wonder what happen! Aren't we having recession now?

Price: SGD129 (after -25%)

If friends visit me in Spore, I will bring them to EAT at...

We have been pampered with all kinds of great foods back in Msia, so, it's hard to find something that suit Msian's taste buds here. At least, something that we can't find back in our own hometown.

Here's some of my favorites so far:
1) Paulaner beers. Seldom drink other beers since I tried this. Blends well with other German foods. Sun/Mon/Tue, the beers are 1-for-1. Thanks, recession.
2) Holland V XO Fish Soup @Chinatown. Authentic spore dish.
3) Pu Tien Restaurant@Vivo. Authentic dishes from China.

p/s: Mr High Class SAP Manager, the menu is above.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sundown ended with a Sunrise

I tried to be greedy in this run. Eagerly to test out what's my actual endurance in a long run with a bit speed. I found a good pacer. A lady. She ran so steady with her consistent pace. Then, suddenly, she slowed down at 21th. I can't 'wait for her' coz ahhem, I am married ;-) In fact, I actually had speed up without noticing it.

I was doing well until 33KM, the pain & cramp were back to haunt me. Whacked 1 pack of gel at each 10th KM seems a redundant effort. It didn't help to hold back the cramp. Not to mention, that lady strolled over me like the famous 'tortoise'. Yes, I was the 'hare' indeed. If I have more patience, maybe the timing would be very different.

Worse, my nikeplus was giving me a wrong reading. The distance read faster by 2KM. Time to calibrate la... And the iPod, it saved the best for last by failing to detect the signal and went into DISCONNECTED stage to the nikeplus device! Darn. Must be the sweat that had interfered with the nikeplus receiver.

Strangely, this is the 1st time I felt immense soreness on my feet with Asics GT2130 on. Time to have a new pair?

My time? 4hr32min. Shrug...

That distance should be 37KM, at the time of the transmission disruption.

Of coz, the highlight of this event is to witness our FIRST (& Im very sure the ONLY too) OX ULTRAWOMAN, Chui Miew.

When she replied the reporter (oh ya, forget to check on ST newspaper) that she felt can still run 1 more KM, I felt like @#$%^*& her... Big achievement for her. Clap clap.

Isn't that 1st photo is cool? If the organizer can guarantee me a shot of such, I mite think of joining. LOL.