Monday, June 29, 2009

SCKLM 2009 - My Best at the Worst

Woke up late. Then, took me 15min to put on contact lenses. Gosh, eyes too small, hard la. The lenses are as big as my eyes liao.

Then, heavy rain poured at 415. We are dead, I murmured. Relieved when I reached Lake Garden. It's a dry road. It was 450, gotta speed to starting line. So, techinically, I have been running 43.125km that day ;-) Heard the gun shot when I was 200m away and drizzling. So, it's quite cool to be the last person to start from the finishing line.

Saw Tey, then Kenglu, joey, joey's dad (he was bz looking back for his daughter, so I didnt interrupt), songxiang, malcom, leelee before I crossed the finishing line.

iPod earphone gave me problem this time. Lost the music at 2oth k. So lonely after that. While at 30th, found a runner who ran at my pace. We paced each other till the end. Forget to get this name. Many thanks for his pacing. It's the 1st time that I finish the run strongly.

Forget abt 1 of the worst running event, this is my best finishing, period.

Split time: 10k-20k-30k-42k is 1:02-2:07-3:05-4:22

Oh ya. I also earned a free dinner in Spore too! Thx Tiger.


饼干及面包 said...

your split time is consistent, good job done. :)

chongwah said...

need to keep in touch with u to know MORE abt my own body.