Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pre-Run Check

This is my checklist:

  1. Powerbar & Powergel for E = MC2
  2. Plaster for my nipples (yes, I need it. Else, I'll be jumping up&down when comes to bath)
  3. Shades for the sun & look
  4. iPod Nano (optional)
  5. Race Tag & Reason Tag
  6. Changing clothes and toiletry
  7. Slipper

For my gang who is coming over, I suggest the below else SGD here ;-)

  1. Powerbar & Powergel. Actually, they will provide Gel at 23 & 30KM. And, you can request more than 1! My experience la.
  2. 3 in 1 Milo/Nescafe/Nestum or 100 Plus
  3. Roti
  4. Pisang

Want to have a look at your goodie bag? Go to PM1's site.

On the eve of run, to feed my mental, I will watch this. I am sure it will do me good phycologically.

Running Boy, a Korean movie and Team hoyt at Youtube

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My New Dive Suit - BARE's IGNITE 3/2mm

Finally, bought a dive suit at a right price! Worthy wait.
The red is for my gf. The suits will get wet for the 1st time in our coming Sipadan Trip on Jan07.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Here we go...

Done my last casual and short run today. Just tend to stretch out the muscles. This is the best ever marathon preparation though I only got 2 months. This is going to be my 4th!

My 1st was KLIM 2005. My best ever timing still. If I didn't under estimate the marathon, and not being naive, I might have done sub 4. Cramped at 33KM at time of 3:10. Never serious to build up the endurance.

Prepared well for the SIM2005 but fell sick for the last 3 weeks. Lost my appetite totally, then, hurt my toe in a badminton competition. Blue Black. Thinking back, I suppose it was some kind of viral attack or because my in take of a medicine to suppress my flu. Whatever, that is history. Still able to finish the event within 5hr with a weak body. What a surprise, cramp didn't happen though my thighs did give me a reaction at 20KM.

Didn't really have a proper training in KLIM2006. The burden of work was in my head and it was quite demotivating. Bloody work! I didn't even bother abt the timing I've got.

Now, next week, SIM2006... For those runners out there, let's enjoy the run. I will see you out there.

Here we go!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Better Weekday Run - 22.11.2006

Where: HSBC Building -> Kallang Riverside
Distance: 10KM
Timing: 50min

Plugged to iPod nano and played some nice songs. It made me a 'happy feet'! Run with high tempo from start to end. Relief! One more run on Friday, I will be resting my feet.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lousy Sunday Run - 19.11.2006

Intended to do a last 30KM run today. Sleeping bug and sluggish virus had joint venture to put me down. They've won. I woke up at 6am but they had put me back to sleep until 715am.

I just lost my running motivation this morning, somehow. Started to give myself excuses to run 20KM instead. Fine. Then, I found out that my legs were not exactly my legs. They were weak and fatigue. The run ended with about 10KM run in 1:08.

Tiong Bahru -> Orchard Road -> Raffles City -> China Town -> Tiong Bahru

My supervisor had gone on leave for 2 weeks. in Morroco. Co-incidently, I have to on call for 24hr for the same 2 weeks. Skipped all my sceduled run in weekdays due to heavy workload. Must 'run' from the job in order to run on the road this week!

2 more weeks! Can't wait to meet all my fellow friends in Singapore.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pacesetters 30KM Practice Run - 12.11.2006

Wanlin and I reached Bkt Aman carpark at 445am. Nike was actually sponsored the breakfast though it’s merely RM3. But it meant something to the runners and we appreciated that for sure. Chewed down the powerbar and bring along some powergel for ‘emergency’ use.

As we aimed to hit 35km today, we started 20min earlier from the actual start time, 530am. That had other runners thought that we are 'that fast' while we made the U-turn and started to run opposite towards them! Only Tey the wisdom shouted at us, "Ooi, you guys start at what time?!"

Wanlin already started a high tempo (for me) at the beginning. Bloody Wanlin made me puffed harder already. I worried that I can’t last for the last 5km. What the heck, we only live once! For the 1st 20KM, we chatted a lot since we havn't met for so long. A quick 1 min 'BIG pour' at petronas. Expected actually as I ate a lot in recent 2 days but the output wasn't tally with the input. Continue the last 10km with a lighter weight ;-) Yup, last 10KM instead of 15KM as Wanlin complained that he had a buttache! So, I went on to run with full force.

We reached Bkt Aman with a timing of 2:50. Not sure if it is good enough to hit my target time. Achilles sore and knee stress. Quite worry as if those components could sustain in the remaining 12km in the coming marathon. Other than that, thigh and calf mucles had no cramp symptom. I actually forget to consume Powergel. Hope it will help during 3Dec. Aim to have another long run this weekend. Then, will taper down the distance.

3 weeks to go!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lance Armstrong at NYC Marathon

Salute this guy! Did sub 3 in his 1st run. Impressive! Well, at least he complained that "It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done".

Lance Armstrong's 1st Marathon

Suppose, if he really gets serious in running, man... This world will gone crazy in running as NIKE will definately make him a world icon. Anyway, the character that this man possesses will make him successful.

I read his book. "Lance Armstrong. It's not about the bike. My journey back to life". An inspirational cum aspirational book to me.

Monday, November 06, 2006

UM Hill 6 Laps Challenge

Planned for training while heading home to Msia. Initially, wanted to join up Grace's gang for Bidor run but feel that 20KM won't do any good to my coming Spore Marathon. I believe that I had done quite enough to rebuild my base, so now, I need something solid that could rock my muscles. My muscle must remember my latest 'LIMIT'. So that, the next run long run, it will prepare itself for a greater distance.

Determine to exceed my previous record of 4 laps in UM. I want a 6. To my own surprise, not even the temptation of having liquor, satay, chicken wings, ho jian, lo bak go with my crazy gang had my determination wavered at the nite before. Somehow, mentally, I ‘think’ that I am well prepared. And, I am going to nail it!

The 5.5KM UM route (Click for Map)
Steep increases gradually from library to 10th college. Have to endure another 300m at the steepest part to reach the ‘peak’. I would say it is about 2KM of ascent from the start. Slanting descent until sport center and all-flat after that. Passing by 12th college, Faculty of Law and head back to library.

1st lap : 黑漆漆;无人迹 (0600; 35min)
2nd lap: 好晨曦;鸟儿鸣 (0635; 33min)
3rd lap : 署光现;力无限 (0708; 33min)
4th lap : 交通忙;烟茫茫 (0741; 33min)
5th lap : 太阳晒;甘那赛 (0814; 36min)
6th lap : 续坚持;到终点 (0850; 38min)

Yes. Completed the course at 09:28 with a time of 3hr28min. I felt an utmost satisfaction for myself. Feel like crawling during the last lap at the hill side. I walked as muscle started to react. Very close to hit wall I suppose. Cramp doesn’t happen at the end but the thighs were in pain. That’s my muscle’s limit.

33KM, is that my limit with LSD running rhythm? MINDSET!

Truly, it has installed a greater confidence to myself though, unlikely I will get the timing that I have been targeting for marathon in Spore. How I will do in Spore? The coming 30KM run by Pacesetters will help me to have a sneak preview myself. I have a timing to achieve...