Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pre-Run Check

This is my checklist:

  1. Powerbar & Powergel for E = MC2
  2. Plaster for my nipples (yes, I need it. Else, I'll be jumping up&down when comes to bath)
  3. Shades for the sun & look
  4. iPod Nano (optional)
  5. Race Tag & Reason Tag
  6. Changing clothes and toiletry
  7. Slipper

For my gang who is coming over, I suggest the below else SGD here ;-)

  1. Powerbar & Powergel. Actually, they will provide Gel at 23 & 30KM. And, you can request more than 1! My experience la.
  2. 3 in 1 Milo/Nescafe/Nestum or 100 Plus
  3. Roti
  4. Pisang

Want to have a look at your goodie bag? Go to PM1's site.

On the eve of run, to feed my mental, I will watch this. I am sure it will do me good phycologically.

Running Boy, a Korean movie and Team hoyt at Youtube


Tey said...

Hi,Chong Wah:

All der BEST in SIM ya.Follow WL buntut..haha !! Think also shook !!

chongwah said...

Ya. That's the strategy to get my PR ;-) Can't wait!

felixdbear said...

Hi Chong Wah,

All the best to you in Singapore International Marathon. :-)

Boon Keat said...

Aiyah! u all can happy happy run in SIM, while i can only rest at home wait for ur result :-(

Kean Hong said...

woi, dun always mentioned my name please... i know i am SIM. haha

chongwah said...

aiya, be patient. ur time will come gradually 1. Mount KK next rite!!?? haha. good good. can't forget to sip on the milo on the laban rata la. feel so good. SIM who? that fellow lost in the jungle of family man long time liao la. kayuk beca oso puff for big gulp of air now. haha. wait for ur come back too SIM!!!

Tey said...


U see a leg runner crossing finishing line at BAD WATER,his happy,u can feel it,sure can boost u future run spirit...!

p/s:U borrow one of my favourite dvd is it ? I think is this one leh...hmm


Powerbar said...

Maybe some inventor can create nipple plasters:) Thanks for the inside. Never heard of that before :)