Monday, November 06, 2006

UM Hill 6 Laps Challenge

Planned for training while heading home to Msia. Initially, wanted to join up Grace's gang for Bidor run but feel that 20KM won't do any good to my coming Spore Marathon. I believe that I had done quite enough to rebuild my base, so now, I need something solid that could rock my muscles. My muscle must remember my latest 'LIMIT'. So that, the next run long run, it will prepare itself for a greater distance.

Determine to exceed my previous record of 4 laps in UM. I want a 6. To my own surprise, not even the temptation of having liquor, satay, chicken wings, ho jian, lo bak go with my crazy gang had my determination wavered at the nite before. Somehow, mentally, I ‘think’ that I am well prepared. And, I am going to nail it!

The 5.5KM UM route (Click for Map)
Steep increases gradually from library to 10th college. Have to endure another 300m at the steepest part to reach the ‘peak’. I would say it is about 2KM of ascent from the start. Slanting descent until sport center and all-flat after that. Passing by 12th college, Faculty of Law and head back to library.

1st lap : 黑漆漆;无人迹 (0600; 35min)
2nd lap: 好晨曦;鸟儿鸣 (0635; 33min)
3rd lap : 署光现;力无限 (0708; 33min)
4th lap : 交通忙;烟茫茫 (0741; 33min)
5th lap : 太阳晒;甘那赛 (0814; 36min)
6th lap : 续坚持;到终点 (0850; 38min)

Yes. Completed the course at 09:28 with a time of 3hr28min. I felt an utmost satisfaction for myself. Feel like crawling during the last lap at the hill side. I walked as muscle started to react. Very close to hit wall I suppose. Cramp doesn’t happen at the end but the thighs were in pain. That’s my muscle’s limit.

33KM, is that my limit with LSD running rhythm? MINDSET!

Truly, it has installed a greater confidence to myself though, unlikely I will get the timing that I have been targeting for marathon in Spore. How I will do in Spore? The coming 30KM run by Pacesetters will help me to have a sneak preview myself. I have a timing to achieve...


Wan Lin said...

Friend, salute your patient. I really can't run the same lap for 6 times! Wei, this Sunday we push to 35 km. Want?

chongwah said...

u r my motivation man. when i visited ur blog site, damn, everyday oso workout workout... damn pressure ler. haha. i don't like to make circle too but as i put there in the blog, the surrounding changed while i ran from dark nite to morning. so, not too bored. and, i need the HILL to demotivate me ;-) but the HILL failed. haha. 35km... let's do it ;-) hope my muscle strenght recovers in time.

fhlim said...

see you guys on this coming sunday.

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chongwah said...

i do thk wanlin will get a good timing but... dun 1 2 talk too much la... nanti he feels pressure pulak. well, will run as usual. else, the rhythm will got affected. 平常心啦!

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blueameba said...

I really like your poem, 甘那塞!