Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pacesetters 30KM Practice Run - 12.11.2006

Wanlin and I reached Bkt Aman carpark at 445am. Nike was actually sponsored the breakfast though it’s merely RM3. But it meant something to the runners and we appreciated that for sure. Chewed down the powerbar and bring along some powergel for ‘emergency’ use.

As we aimed to hit 35km today, we started 20min earlier from the actual start time, 530am. That had other runners thought that we are 'that fast' while we made the U-turn and started to run opposite towards them! Only Tey the wisdom shouted at us, "Ooi, you guys start at what time?!"

Wanlin already started a high tempo (for me) at the beginning. Bloody Wanlin made me puffed harder already. I worried that I can’t last for the last 5km. What the heck, we only live once! For the 1st 20KM, we chatted a lot since we havn't met for so long. A quick 1 min 'BIG pour' at petronas. Expected actually as I ate a lot in recent 2 days but the output wasn't tally with the input. Continue the last 10km with a lighter weight ;-) Yup, last 10KM instead of 15KM as Wanlin complained that he had a buttache! So, I went on to run with full force.

We reached Bkt Aman with a timing of 2:50. Not sure if it is good enough to hit my target time. Achilles sore and knee stress. Quite worry as if those components could sustain in the remaining 12km in the coming marathon. Other than that, thigh and calf mucles had no cramp symptom. I actually forget to consume Powergel. Hope it will help during 3Dec. Aim to have another long run this weekend. Then, will taper down the distance.

3 weeks to go!


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chongwah said...

what is 間歇跑? Run during the week day?

Tey said...

間歇跑就是interval repeats