Friday, November 24, 2006

Here we go...

Done my last casual and short run today. Just tend to stretch out the muscles. This is the best ever marathon preparation though I only got 2 months. This is going to be my 4th!

My 1st was KLIM 2005. My best ever timing still. If I didn't under estimate the marathon, and not being naive, I might have done sub 4. Cramped at 33KM at time of 3:10. Never serious to build up the endurance.

Prepared well for the SIM2005 but fell sick for the last 3 weeks. Lost my appetite totally, then, hurt my toe in a badminton competition. Blue Black. Thinking back, I suppose it was some kind of viral attack or because my in take of a medicine to suppress my flu. Whatever, that is history. Still able to finish the event within 5hr with a weak body. What a surprise, cramp didn't happen though my thighs did give me a reaction at 20KM.

Didn't really have a proper training in KLIM2006. The burden of work was in my head and it was quite demotivating. Bloody work! I didn't even bother abt the timing I've got.

Now, next week, SIM2006... For those runners out there, let's enjoy the run. I will see you out there.

Here we go!

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