Monday, November 20, 2006

Lousy Sunday Run - 19.11.2006

Intended to do a last 30KM run today. Sleeping bug and sluggish virus had joint venture to put me down. They've won. I woke up at 6am but they had put me back to sleep until 715am.

I just lost my running motivation this morning, somehow. Started to give myself excuses to run 20KM instead. Fine. Then, I found out that my legs were not exactly my legs. They were weak and fatigue. The run ended with about 10KM run in 1:08.

Tiong Bahru -> Orchard Road -> Raffles City -> China Town -> Tiong Bahru

My supervisor had gone on leave for 2 weeks. in Morroco. Co-incidently, I have to on call for 24hr for the same 2 weeks. Skipped all my sceduled run in weekdays due to heavy workload. Must 'run' from the job in order to run on the road this week!

2 more weeks! Can't wait to meet all my fellow friends in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Wei, that route is not nice lah... Singapore has a lot of better running routes lah... You know arr... from Orchard Road, ask people where the Singapore Botanical Garden is. It is not far. The Botanical Garden is a very nice place for jogging. I believe you will love it.

chongwah said...

i know. but the point is that, my legs felt so weak. that's y, turned back la.

hey, on the marathon day, i want to tag u la. ok? ;-)