Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy busy busy wedding (updated1)

Not my 2nd marriage but it's my 2nd wedding dinner on 31Aug2008. 1st wedding dinner done in spore back in 5Dec07. As I've told my frends, it's ironic to loss my independent on the independent day! ;-)

2 things I will pray on that day:
1. No funny thing happens in politics on that day. But, I do hope for a CHANGE!
2. God, please gift me a sunny day.

Sharing our joy:
Here's a clip that I will play on my dinner day.
Here's our wedding shots & a slideshow.
Here's our wedding day montage. Fresh & Hot.

Olympic Marathon

Watched the Olympic marathon race on TV today. A Kenyan won the race in 2h06m. World record is 2hr04m.

Previously, I will tune to other channel immediately when it's a running event. It's bored as per most people, and it's a 42km race. Not this time for me as I know a bit more about running. My heartbeat went faster when the race was tight between a group of 5 leaders. It was like I was 1 of them too. Keep the pace, keep close to the leaders, keep stride...

That's why, I won't rule out that I will never love golf in the future. It's the most boring sports for me, period.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

King of the 'Rolling' Road, I am!

I almost miss the fun. Watched Batman until 3am. Only managed to sleep for an hour. Luckily, the 'snooze' saved me from kidnapped by joker in dreamland.

Met up with appleyee & gang to depart. Have to be remora to tag along someone since I'm a genuine road blind outside PJ.

Surprise surprise. The long gone TBK was there. Even Rwen & Ironman-in-waiting, captain KMeng were there. KMeng made a wavy sign with his hand. Got it. Camel back route ahead of us.

As usual, the cavalry surge at the beginning. Packed. Wanted to pace with Ameba but hmmm... someone showed up besides her with the same pace. Just got to know they are the wind and fire pair.

TBK to the rescue! He sailed pass us, and I decided to tag him. Good decision, else, I mite be blown away by wind, or burnt by fire ;-) But the fact was, TBK damn kiasu. He was already in gear4 at 3KM and even used gear5 for hilly part. His pace was too fast for me and I knew I was going to have a weak finishing. Haven't been running as constant as I wanted to but work has been the shadow that I tried hard to get rid of. Anyway, guess even myself tired of giving the same excuse over and over again.

We turbo all the way and caught up KMeng at 13KM. At 16KM, I started to drop out from TBK's pace. Rupa-rupanya, he had been doing close-door training.

He finished with 1hr56min, me got 1hr58min. Good to have him back. At least, he will give a good fight with Tiger, when he's back from close-door-gym training in US.