Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SCSM 2013 Sub 4 Marathon - 01.12.2013

Drafted a 11 weeks sub-4 marathon training plan. 

The 32K Newton Run – 20.10.2014 
At 5th week, this race result gave me a boost of confidence, and that's my fastest 30KM at 2h37m52s so far. But what was more crucial is finding time to maintain the mileage. Juggling between family, work & running is challenging. 

The TrailSeeker 22KM – 09.11.2013 
At the 8th week. It is one tough race. I didn't expect to finish with sore muscle. A great workout with a surprise Top 10 finish with 1h59m. Obviously, the event was not attracting elite runners. 

Final self-mapped 30KM – 16.11.2013 
2 weeks before the big day, did not encounter much problem with my pair of legs with 2h51m at casual pace. I actually doubted if I was under-trained. That kicked start of the tapering. 

The big day – 01.12.2013 
Kid was giving me trouble at sleeping night. Stepped out late for MRT. Reached Orchard at 4:40am. In shocked to know the organizer had closed the gate for sub 4 target runners! Angered & very fed up with such arrangement. Have to join the mass queue that was at least 15min away from the starting line. 

My strategy is to run the 1st 10KM in 55min, then gradually increase the pace to 5.10min/KM and maintain it. Instead, have to run the 1st 5KM with frustration as the density per square of the runners subdued me to a 6min/km pace. 
5KM in 30min. Panicked! I skipped all the water points until 10th KM. 
Somehow the crowd diluted 5KM onwards. Sped up to catch up the lost time. 10KM in 58min. Relieved & made a quick pee stop. Then starting from 12KM, I was finally within the sub 4 timeframe. Continued with 5:10-5:20min/km pace & slowly building up the buffer. 
Wearing the sub-4 timing breakdown wristband is the best decision I have made in this run. A great favor when I tried to catch up after the first 5km of human ocean. It brought me back on track towards the goal. 

I had the best feeling ever in marathon. Each KM marker seems to come faster than I expected once I got into ECP track. I also confidently opted for water station alternately as I felt strong on my legs. 
The short life drizzle at halfway point perfected the weather. A wonderful weather day indeed. Thor has been kind to me for the past 1 month in this rainy season. 
When hitting 33KM with 2:58, I still have doubt & refrained myself from complacency. This is always the distance where cramp will strike me. I listened to my body & the message that my pair of legs sent to me was very positive. 

At 36KM with 3:15, I have gained adequate confidence that sub 4 will be in my pocket. Time of 3:25 at 38KM reaffirmed my believe. 

Thereafter, I just enjoyed the remaining distance with steady pace until the final 3KM. It was very unpleasant running experience when my pace disrupted by the massive number of 10KM & 21KM runners who converged & clogged the road.   

Crossed the finishing line with 3h48m48s. Feeling very grateful to have exceeded my target. Still feeling fresh and only having minor pain. No compression wear, no gimmick taping, no pain relief cream. Pure training.