Thursday, January 24, 2008

KL Full or Half?

Two minded. Tossing a coin. Head, then full; tail then other wise...

Tossing... Head! Eh, 3 sets 2 wins la.
Toss again... Head. Eh, 5 sets 3 wins la.
Toss again... Head. Aiya, 7 sets 4 wins la.
Toss again... ... ...

Arrgh... 101 sets 51 wins la!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SAP 高级经理驾到.

此号人物光临,小人当然须抽时间陪陪他。连同夫人与雯小姐一起约到SAP 高级经理最喜爱的火锅店享受美食。食物还好,酸梅水更棒!谈话中,他还是不经意的提起近来不小心成了我的'脚'下败魂的事。看来,还在耿耿于怀!而我是在暗(狂)笑着。。。

最重要的是,他埋单。不过,SAP SAP 水啦。


GE 30K - 竟然可以顺利完成!

To my surprise, I'm still able to finish the race unscathed in ~3hr8min. Perhaps...
- I had a 'in time' carboloading during a good friend's wedding dinner last night.
- I wore the 'Phiten' that my brother gave to me. Blood streamed smoothly in my body.
- I slept early.
- I took it too easy. No pressure & no target at all.
- It would be the last time that I will wear my adiSTAR shoes. Great shoes with at least 5 marathons by now.
- It would be Tey's last photo snapping as to be serious in running.
- It was due to SAP High Class Consultant's provocation ;-)

Perhaps Love... ;-)

Courtesy from Tey. Reaching finishing line. Man... I really need to snap wedding photo earlier before my hair runs out ;-)

Thanks to Hinwai too. More Pic to view. OXs & PMs are in there.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He's my brother. 请多多支持! (Malaysia Open 2008)

Since he entered the arena by wining the World Junior Champion (twice) at such young age, I have no doubt that his pair would the the world beater. It's only matter of time.

I was half right.

Injury is a mammoth enemy to an athelete. Ask any runner how frustrated they are if it happens. I scare of it too. Not kiasi, but, when you cant give your best, it depleted the Ummp to go in full force.

Tonight, the 'new' pair vs a top China pair. Gotta watch because never expect them to reach this stage ;-) It has been some time that I do not watch a live badminton games. Since the 21 points system, the game is actually bad to your heart! Heart beats faster and make me cold sweat especially when the score is close ;-)

*** They lost. Not a surprise but seems they were just enjoying the games. Which is good.

Please help to snowball the news. Thanks!!!