Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He's my brother. 请多多支持! (Malaysia Open 2008)

Since he entered the arena by wining the World Junior Champion (twice) at such young age, I have no doubt that his pair would the the world beater. It's only matter of time.

I was half right.

Injury is a mammoth enemy to an athelete. Ask any runner how frustrated they are if it happens. I scare of it too. Not kiasi, but, when you cant give your best, it depleted the Ummp to go in full force.

Tonight, the 'new' pair vs a top China pair. Gotta watch because never expect them to reach this stage ;-) It has been some time that I do not watch a live badminton games. Since the 21 points system, the game is actually bad to your heart! Heart beats faster and make me cold sweat especially when the score is close ;-)

*** They lost. Not a surprise but seems they were just enjoying the games. Which is good.

Please help to snowball the news. Thanks!!!

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