Monday, October 26, 2009

CCG 2.5KM x 4 relay - 25.10.2009

The competition route at Bedok Reservoir.

My timing & pace.

For the past 4 wk, I had been following a training pgm from a colleague. Seems it really improves my sprint. We got 2nd overall in Mix Team category with 41min23s (2.5KM x 4). 1st place is RBS with all angmo lineup at around 39min+.

Well, we will be back next yr for a vengeance.

Eunice reminded me that I only have exactly 6wk for StandChart Marathon! Gosh, I have totally neglected any long distance training. Im in deep shit indeed ;-(

PAUM-NUSS alumni games - 24.10.2009

We are sister campus and will be holding similar event annually. We will compete each other in games like soccer, golf, squash etc to get our campus name stamped on a trophy. Met my fellow UM compatriots for the badminton games. With some talented foreign players, NUSS is a tough opponents to beat. A match between our top pair against theirs was very fun and thrilled to watch. The deciding games ended in 28-26, NUSS won it. Nonetheless, we did OK and won 5-2 overall in badminton.

Me and Yik Siong reached a milestone too! As a scratch pair, it's the 1st time ever we stretched the match to the max and won it at 30-29! Unbelievable.

At the end, UM managed to edge over NUSS by 4-3 in overall games.

At dinner time, NUSS's hospitality permeated into every member in the Kent Ridge Guild Hall with a fabulous dinner. Free flow of beers, fun entertainment and great foods. What an event that I wish to join every yr. Next yr would be our 25th anniversary. See you all at Melaka!

Hope UM can organize an event that could match NUSS's standard though.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gn Korbu - 18-21.09.2009

It's been a long awaited trip since my last visit to Gn Batu Putih. My changing life has keeping me away from the mountains.

Departed from PJ at 430am. A highway jam & Tiger's forgotten shoes caused us to be late but luck was very much with us. While we started our journey at Sultan Abdul Aziz Dam , 1145am, SKeng showed us what she did best in europe, hitch-hiking. A 4WD indeed stopped for us and drove us to the start point. It's a flat barren wide area where the construction to deepen the riverbed for the dam is undergoing. That saved us a precious 1.5hr by foot. Knowing a team of 40 ppl were heading off for the same peak earlier did made our goal to reach the Korbu & Gayong became bit uncertain. I did foresee we will be competing for space.

We rushed ourselves to Seroja Camp in 4hr. 13 tents + some 'preoccupied' space were there! Full house. An eye opening for such large scale hiking troop. When I found out how they organized their trip, I was amazed. They are not really a team but it comprises of groups and individuals where look-after-yourself manner was being practised. No permit, no guides. Wow... Choose not to be overzelous to give comment to them coz it might just backfire ourselves. Knowing it's imposibble to squeeze the camp site, KM ordered us to go on full speed for the next camp site, Kijang camp. The tent bearers attacked the steeps at full force with aim to setup the tents asap b4 the rain and nite come.

We reached Kijang Camp at 515pm. The trail was infested with leeches! I really bothered by it. The men did a 'bare all healthcheck' to each other. I shouldn't wear a to-be-thrown underwear. The grip is important to prevent those quirky leeches from COMING IN! I've got 3 hits at sensitive part! 1st time! Darn... Other than that, it's a nice camp site for 3 tents with the stream just besides us. Taking bath at higher altitude really test my guts coz of the icy cold water. But the feeling of wanting a clean body overwhelmed the doubt. And it really felt great after that.

As usual, ALing led the kitchen. Can u ever imagine having herbal chicken for dinner while camping? Then GW showed off his dessert skill with red bean soup. YUMMY! At the dinner, captain KM decided that we should be realistic and abandoned Gayong attempt coz the team as whole, wasn't moving fast enough. I can see why and respected that. Gayong summit is another 2hr back n fro from Korbu summit. I poked Tiger we should go for it ourselves. He grinned. We both know thats a joke! Im no more the person who MUST conquers all the G7 peaks. I enjoy more hanging out with the gang as a OX reunion. The latter is surely more fulfilling spiritually.

The nite was kind. No rain but the temperature in my tent did heat up with 5 ppl. Leong unzipped the tent's cover for air flow when he couldn't hold it anymore, but that also invited the notorious sand flies. My legs & hands are still with their itchy redish love bites.

Next morning, KM had instructed Tiger & Leong together with an Asli to lead Jason & Nicole for the peak with aim to balance the team's summit arriving time. The Asli is the most helpful guide I've ever seen so far. Im sure Nicole appreciates still to Jawavit coz he really led her at every step to the summit. The rest was left behind to clean up & pack up at the site. We only moved at 10am and it was all steep ascents! At the same moment, a lady from the 40ppl arrived at our camp site. She was the pioneer/infantry for the 40ppl group. Her task? Plotting papers with a fat man pic on it while she passed by some tricky paths that need to be clearly indicated as the route to the summit. I think that really help the rest of her group from getting lost coz they don't move in group.

At last water point, after all of us filled up 3L, KM passed me an additional fly sheet to carry. Just abt to start my grumbling, I swallowed it back instantly as I learnt he was going to volunteerly carry 5L of water! Salute. TBK and I then really pushed ourselves to chase the front pack to regroup. Managed to meet Tiger & Leong back at botak hill point in 40min. Then, it's all up up up & puff puff puff thru the mossy forest. The terrain is really challenging with some dangerous steep climbs. Some parts, we have to step on slippery tree brunches with rope in order to overcome a 3M high rocky slope. Sort of rock climbing stunts. Some teamates did struggle with what KM dubs it '5 star' rated routine.

At last, the tent bearers reached the top at 245pm. And, we have every luxury time to choose a camp site for our team. We settled down a site with all the plants fenced us around. That really blocked the chilly winds at nite, not mentioning a perfect privacy. All teamates reached at 4pm. Weather was unpredictable with dizzle and sunshine exchanging role. Not a huge issue anymore by then, coz all tents and the kitchen were ready. Just checked in! The chefs cooked curry chicken, lady fingers, warm hearted soup for dinner. Damn nice. Surprisingly, it was a stary nite but still windly. The nite almost freezed us at 12C. I wonder how did 40ppl squeeze themselves with the limited camp space. Well, I was sure the dust will settle eventually though. Some of them even arrived as late as 6pm!

Today, we plan to decend all the way to the starting point. A 9hr walk. After regroup at Camp Kijang, KM imposed a speed limit to us so that we all moved in group. That made me uncomfortable mentally & physically. Mentally, I really want to reach the next camp asap to rest earlier & physically, im not used to walk in slow pace and stop too much coz that actually added more pressure to my toes for too much braking while going downhill. Not to complicated KM's decision, I comply but was moody along the way. Nonetheless, I know captain was doing the rite thing to safeguard everyone. 630PM, finally, we were back to the barren construction field, a perfect place for camping, with a shallow river aside for water & bathing. Yes, bathe!!! It was a fun nite as everyone as in relax mood. Throwing out jokes & teases at full force.

Oh man, 1.5hr walk out. Weren't we so lucky to meet the uncle who gave us a free ride on day 1. Thank God. Everyone is safe. It's a perfect way to end the trip. Later, a group of us went for Tualang Prawn. Another authentic Malaysia food. Very nice at a very reasonable price. I would rate Korbu the 3rd toughest peak. After Tahan, and Chamah.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Running shoes vs muscle cramp

At Sundown, I ran with Asics GT2130. My feet were sore and my both thighs cramped!

At the recent to-be-improved SCKLM, I wore Adidas Supernova Glide. My calfs and a very seldom heard muscle set (it was either Adductor Longus or Gracilis muscle) cramped! Even, there was a mild contraction at my face muscle, around my jaw area (buccinator I guess). Funny...

My running posture got to be a constant. So, it's down to my shoes. Perhaps, how both shoes absorb and distribute the impact to our legs are very different.

Which shoes is better? I believe it's by individual. For now, I will personally stick to Asics & Adidas still.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My SCKLM 2009 Official Result - Whr's My Official Split Time!

The blunder continues. Only finishing time is stated. Then, what for each runner went thru the DAG stations ler...

And the event is getting HOTTER too from media. But I still hopeful for a better marathon next yr. I will be back.

Monday, June 29, 2009

SCKLM 2009 - My Best at the Worst

Woke up late. Then, took me 15min to put on contact lenses. Gosh, eyes too small, hard la. The lenses are as big as my eyes liao.

Then, heavy rain poured at 415. We are dead, I murmured. Relieved when I reached Lake Garden. It's a dry road. It was 450, gotta speed to starting line. So, techinically, I have been running 43.125km that day ;-) Heard the gun shot when I was 200m away and drizzling. So, it's quite cool to be the last person to start from the finishing line.

Saw Tey, then Kenglu, joey, joey's dad (he was bz looking back for his daughter, so I didnt interrupt), songxiang, malcom, leelee before I crossed the finishing line.

iPod earphone gave me problem this time. Lost the music at 2oth k. So lonely after that. While at 30th, found a runner who ran at my pace. We paced each other till the end. Forget to get this name. Many thanks for his pacing. It's the 1st time that I finish the run strongly.

Forget abt 1 of the worst running event, this is my best finishing, period.

Split time: 10k-20k-30k-42k is 1:02-2:07-3:05-4:22

Oh ya. I also earned a free dinner in Spore too! Thx Tiger.

Ranting on SCKLM 2009

By now, all complaints are flooding facebook network. To call the organizer Octagon as OtakGone, is classic!

What do runners want in a running event? SAFETY, WATER, SMOOTH RACE KIT COLLECTION. Those are basics expectation but the organizer screwed it up big time.

Since nobody died, runners can't complain that it's not safe. Maybe, even the JPJ is powerless to control the drivers in Msia. In many occasions, even traffic police stops them, the drivers will still drive bases on their on judgement. 'Oh, the runner still 10M away from me, let me cross 1st. Can, I just pickup!' Vrooom... they took off 5M in front of us.

Above is an old story. It happens in every BIG running event in KL. That's KL marathon is abt. To show you the true KL! KL, truly Asia...

But at least, after Octagon took over to organise, we the runners are expecting something different. Maybe comparable to Spore. They end up nowhere near.

It started to impress me by offering ONLINE registration with credit card pymt & some good advertisement around Msia. Good start.

But then, the stink choked us at Race kit collect & water station. Nobody likes to Q long under a hot tropical weather. Nobody likes to feel a-fish-out-of-water where all the precious liquid 'ransacked' by those 10K (and 5k???) at the last 2 water stations! That's me who clocked abt 4h30m. I can't imagine those timing who are later than me where number empty water stations grows. Pity.

Pissed me off further is, once I crossed the line, me, a god damn thirsty marathoner still have to walk far, fought Q with 5/10K for a cup of 100+!!! And, where the hell is the promised complimentary massage station!!! I can't find it!!!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Official Sundown Timing

Crazy man! Really overspeed at the 3rd 10KM. 51min! But, in order to get sub 4, I think it was a promising timing at 30KM. Obviously, lack of longer run training.

Lowering down my target in SCKLM. 4hr15min ;-)

Sorry for those who want/wish me to do sub 4. Just being realistic. NO TIME TO TRAIN la...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Adidas Supernova Glide

Specifically designed for a man’s stride, the popular Supernova™ Glide is a versatile indoor/outdoor cushioned running shoe. GEOFIT™ construction provides a custom fit and FORMOTION™ technology adapts to each foot strike for a smooth, natural heel-to-toe transition. The seamless upper ensures breathable comfort, while the adiPRENE® midsole insert provides forefoot propulsion and efficiency. The dual-layer, antimicrobial insole enhances comfort and prevents odor. The adiWEAR® outsole promises reliable traction on a variety of terrain.

I go back to Adidas Supernova series this time. I had a very fond memory with this model. My previous pair got stolen. Once I slipped into it, yes, I could feel it will not disappoint me. Officially appointing it as my SCKLM racing shoes.

At Queensway, Adidas shoes is no more offered at 30%. Max is 25% now. Gosh... wonder what happen! Aren't we having recession now?

Price: SGD129 (after -25%)

If friends visit me in Spore, I will bring them to EAT at...

We have been pampered with all kinds of great foods back in Msia, so, it's hard to find something that suit Msian's taste buds here. At least, something that we can't find back in our own hometown.

Here's some of my favorites so far:
1) Paulaner beers. Seldom drink other beers since I tried this. Blends well with other German foods. Sun/Mon/Tue, the beers are 1-for-1. Thanks, recession.
2) Holland V XO Fish Soup @Chinatown. Authentic spore dish.
3) Pu Tien Restaurant@Vivo. Authentic dishes from China.

p/s: Mr High Class SAP Manager, the menu is above.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sundown ended with a Sunrise

I tried to be greedy in this run. Eagerly to test out what's my actual endurance in a long run with a bit speed. I found a good pacer. A lady. She ran so steady with her consistent pace. Then, suddenly, she slowed down at 21th. I can't 'wait for her' coz ahhem, I am married ;-) In fact, I actually had speed up without noticing it.

I was doing well until 33KM, the pain & cramp were back to haunt me. Whacked 1 pack of gel at each 10th KM seems a redundant effort. It didn't help to hold back the cramp. Not to mention, that lady strolled over me like the famous 'tortoise'. Yes, I was the 'hare' indeed. If I have more patience, maybe the timing would be very different.

Worse, my nikeplus was giving me a wrong reading. The distance read faster by 2KM. Time to calibrate la... And the iPod, it saved the best for last by failing to detect the signal and went into DISCONNECTED stage to the nikeplus device! Darn. Must be the sweat that had interfered with the nikeplus receiver.

Strangely, this is the 1st time I felt immense soreness on my feet with Asics GT2130 on. Time to have a new pair?

My time? 4hr32min. Shrug...

That distance should be 37KM, at the time of the transmission disruption.

Of coz, the highlight of this event is to witness our FIRST (& Im very sure the ONLY too) OX ULTRAWOMAN, Chui Miew.

When she replied the reporter (oh ya, forget to check on ST newspaper) that she felt can still run 1 more KM, I felt like @#$%^*& her... Big achievement for her. Clap clap.

Isn't that 1st photo is cool? If the organizer can guarantee me a shot of such, I mite think of joining. LOL.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sundown Race is on Tonite!

Since last wk's 20KM, I have been hibernating. Carbo loading since Tue, now, feel like a bit overdone. Man, my little tummy just slip out!

A great day today. Went to GNC shop to buy some gels. Trying out the GU gel for the 1st time. Met up a lady at the counter who offered her membership card to me, so that I am entitled to 1-for-1 deal for the GU gels. How kind. So touched. Bought 4 packs. 1 each for an hour interval! Gotta pamper myself with better energy distribution this time. Hope cramp would stay away.

Had a dinner with Ameba, Rwen & Jason today. OX fish soup at Chinatown.

Tomorrow, can't wait to put on the shoes and run under the stary night. I hope it will be a stary night.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've got my Sundown Marathon Race Pack

A thicker fabric than last yr. Wont be revealing your nipples anymore. I like the vest very much.

My bib. I pin it at my work place. After a further 20KM today, can't wait for this coming wkend run.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, I did it under 30min!

Perhaps, my legs boosted by the LSD?

I ofthen run back home from office. It's abt 7K. Treat it as recovery run or speed run. My best timing was 30:30.

Today, did it at 29:50! Finally...

My 1st back-to-back LSD wkend

Urged by desperation, forced myself to get up at 430am last Saturday. I felt like zombie. Just reach PJ from Spore at 1am. What to do, I have a 'date' with ameba.

She thanked me for pace with her, but I thanked her too. In fact, her pace is my pace. Just nice. Felt so good upon finish. I was wet, head to toe. Enjoyed so much to gulp down the 100+ non-stop. Once hit my bed, slept until 5pm after punishing my body. Rest well for the next day.

At nite, ameba sent me a text, she wants to do 30KM. I told her I surrender and she replied it was actually a joke. The fact on the next day is, no joke. She did 30K. Salute. At the end, the 100+ liquid made me felt so good again. It was a trophy winning feeling.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Southern Ridges Run

Long heard abt this trail but never have the thought of running it thru as almost every wkend, I will either back in Msia, or meet up running friend at ECP.

Until last Sunday, after I was back from Bali with extra kilos and then pampered myself with movies (Fast&Furious 4 is GOOD), the sin overwhelmed me and with sudden urge, I decided to try out The Southern Ridges which comprises a 9-kilometre chain of green, open spaces spanning the rolling hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park before ending at West Coast Park where I am staying now.

9KM. But I ended up with 25KM.

First, I went into a long wrong way in HortPark, running against Kent Ridge Park. Had to ask an angmo for the way out. Then, I did merry-go-round at Canopy Walk (suppose I should be heading towards West Coast Park by now) which I ended up following the trail to Science Park I. Sought for direction from a stranger on how to get out from the 'remote' area. It was until I ran thru a winding road along South Buona Vista Rd, I finally seeing familiar scene ahead, it's connecting back to Pasir Panjang Rd that will eventually led me to West Coast area.

Managed to ran thru all the above tourist spots. Each site is uniquely designed for nature lovers' convinient. Singapore is indeed a very well organized beautiful Garden City. But, I guess it's the human nature. When you have less, you tend to appreciate more. Less-is-more is utterly true in this context.

Monday, April 06, 2009

8wks to go for Sundown

Trying hard to have more consistent training this time for Sundown.

Wanted to join PM1's gang but, it was too much for me to get up when my bus arrived Pudu at 1am. With Ameba going back to hometown (probably bring someone home too) for parents, I've turned my hope to Tey as my running companion last Saturday.

Fortunately he's available even after running 20K on Saturday. Very very lucky to have him paced with me. Extremely lucky when I needed tissue paper the most, he had it in his pouch! Don't ask too details. Embarassing. For those who might smell something awful around Tijani2, I am really sorry. It was an extremely urgent call that I must reply. At the verge liao.

At least, 20K is a comfortable distance for me now. Hope to push for 25/30K this Sunday, after Im back from a short Bali vacation. SGD50 back and fro airfare is hard to resist.

Gotta plan carefully my schedule from now on. Every wkend is crucial! I can't miss a single wkend LSD from now on!

It's my vow for this marathon preparation. 8wks to go. Im a bit excited.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homebake Almond Cookie

I never thought doing this yummy cookie is that easy.

100g Bienetta sugar flour mixture
250g Fresh Almond Flakes
Wax paper
Mix half of Bienetta with almonds.
Stir to mix it evenly. You can add a pinch of salt if you like a bit of salty taste.
Distribute the mixture EVENLY onto the wax paper. Try to avoid using mahjong paper, else, it will stick to the paper after taken out from oven. Then, sprinkle the other half of Bienetta to 'close the gap'. As it contains sugar, once heated, it melts and becomes the base.
Bake abt 20min with 150C in the oven until it about to turn brownish.
Taa dah...
Once taken out from oven, while it's hot and still soft, use a knife to cut into grid line. Then, let it gets harden.
The final product!

This is the 'mouse' of course.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Detaching Nike+ from Nike shoes

Nike+ product is a marvellous product, but without the shoes.

After relentless google, I have found some ideas from the net & youtube about ways to detach Nike+ from Nike shoes in the most economic way.

I feel this is the best for me, a Nike+ Sensor in a ziploc bag, fold it and slot it thru the shoelace like below. What's more, it's weatherproof and no issue of discomfort. To have 100% accuracy, just calibrate it.

Now, every shoes is Nike+ Enabled!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't want any medals or event tees

I never mind paying for a race.

The event organizer has to mobilize resource/volunteers to ensure the road safety & water stations; the cost to apply for road permit perhaps; also a sum must have been gone to pakcik JPJ who deserve the credit/OT indeed.

But, I personally never intended to keep the medal or wear the event tee. As such, I always deem these 2 items are 'rubbish' to me. I hope I know there's a way to recycle those medals & those singlets or finisher tees. Furthermore, the size of the tees often give me a surprise. Although some registration form has been thoughtful to emphasize that it's base on 'Asian-Size', the final actual size can be still smaller or bigger.

I have a thought. What if the organizer give some discount on those who wants to opt out for tees & medal? Or, they can keep the medal and tees for themselves, I don't mind. It's more environment friendly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Eastern 30K - 18.01.2009

Can somebody pass me a steel bar? I want to bite! Arrgh...

I thought I wont get cramp in 30K. I thought the Phiten will work its magic. Diet didn't care much too. I started to get mild cramp at 25K and it was under 2hr05min. Gosh, I thought I was on the way to hit 2hr30min. I was so wrong. When the cramp aggravated at the last 2KM, it also dashed my hope to clock under 2hr45min.

What happen? I am not really sure. Frens said coz the route is very challenging with camel backs but I don't feel the hills causing trouble to me, except after I got cramp. I didn't even feel my heart had worked hard. I am aware I started with fast pace, and I did try to slow down after 15KM. Perhaps, back to the basics, not-enough-training. But for sure, I wont be running with Nike shoes for any distance above 20KM.

Ended with 2hr49min. Even Ameba over took me... Arrrgh... Where's the steel bar!??


上了一下Facebook,才知道有个朋友人在Angola工作了。真的时撞鬼了。什么鬼地方啊?看样子应该是在那过'黑'历新年了。没法子啦,工钱多,而且公司是当初自己选的。没什么好怨。本来,我是很羡慕他有着一份高薪的工作。不过,上了一些年纪,结了婚,真的比较希望settling down的工作。That's the tradeoff.


珍重吧,我远方的朋友。Happy 牛 Year!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My new Nike+ sensor

Yes. I lost my previous one. Dont ask me how. I wish to know too! %^&*(@#$

Was very upset initially coz I thought I have to buy a new whole set, which includes with the Receiver that still attach to my ipod nano. By luck, I saw this place sells the sensor separately! The purchasing experience is at ease. Paid by credit card, indicated the delivery address & mobile numb, DONE!

The customer service didn't just stop there. Their delivery system kept me updated with the delivery status, via email & SMS! Apple Store is brilliant! They have a very good backend system that supporting their biz very well I guess. Coz, I am a very happy customer!

I hope my system is impressing customers too.

Do you know how does Nike+ Sensor work? Click here Overall, it's a very simple gadget with a good software to translate the data at I like simplicity. That's why, I don't think I will throw in my bucks for Polar S625X. Not yet. But for sure, not Garmin GPS Forerunner. The idea of recharging its battery that last only 8hr isnt appealing to me.

My gadget should serve me, not the other way!

Guess what I found!!! This is cool -> How to use Nike+ sports kit WITHOUT Nike shoes!

Monday, January 05, 2009

That 7,000 calories Xmas Dinner!

For food lovers, I am proudly present you "My Xmas Dinner' as shown below.

Our starter:
corn + spinach + cream soup. 5-star taste.

Main course(s):
Turkey with stuffing + bacons. All were being further 'fine tuned' by the host. 5-star.
Salad that made of Capsicum+ apricot + Italian vinegar + secret recipe. 5-star.
Hams with cherry. Can't finish. Tah pao some more. 5-star.
Sushi from Sake Sushi. 5-star.

Tyrrels Vat 1 semillion 2006 (from Hunter Valley). Splendid! 5-star.

If this article is correct, then, I really need to run more laps to get rid of extra yet expected calories. Base on my weight, I have to run about 100KM to clear all these exessive 7,000 calories!

Anyway, what a great gathering it was. The people who Me & wifey spent time with are far more fulfilling than those food. It's the ppl who bring the food together, not the food bring the ppl together.

What da heck! Merry Xmas again ;D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

GE 30K Simulation Run

Suppose to join Ameba & PM1 for the run on Sat. But, I overslept! Must be the Baileys the nite before... Felt so guilty not to run coz I must hit 30K by now.

Luckily, got to know Tey & Jamie will be running on Sun. Guess what, I didn't (can't) sleep the whole nite! Not that I don't want to! Think sh be due to the chilled Nescafe I had after dinner. At 4am, had 2 homemade Pao, a Milo and reach at 5am to meet Tey.

'Assume' Split time:
9KM - 1hr02
18KM - 1hr50
27KM - 2hr44

Punctured at 23KM. Right thigh started to contract! Darn. Blame the Nike Zoom Victory. I hardly feel the cushion. Soreness built up around my ankles. Lack of shock absorption had transferred the stress to my knees too, eventually, thighs. It is my own synopsis but I think it makes sense.

Of coz I don't rule out the main reason to puncture was due to my muscle was not 'fresh' at all... It's now 24hr now I didn't sleep. Good, once I got on the bus later at 4pm, reaching Spore needs only a brink of my eyes... Just hope I won't snore on the bus ;-)