Sunday, July 05, 2009

Running shoes vs muscle cramp

At Sundown, I ran with Asics GT2130. My feet were sore and my both thighs cramped!

At the recent to-be-improved SCKLM, I wore Adidas Supernova Glide. My calfs and a very seldom heard muscle set (it was either Adductor Longus or Gracilis muscle) cramped! Even, there was a mild contraction at my face muscle, around my jaw area (buccinator I guess). Funny...

My running posture got to be a constant. So, it's down to my shoes. Perhaps, how both shoes absorb and distribute the impact to our legs are very different.

Which shoes is better? I believe it's by individual. For now, I will personally stick to Asics & Adidas still.


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Ada said...

Asics is the best running shoes I have ever had. I always prefer to wear comfortable and flexible shoes.

Adriana henry said...

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