Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't want any medals or event tees

I never mind paying for a race.

The event organizer has to mobilize resource/volunteers to ensure the road safety & water stations; the cost to apply for road permit perhaps; also a sum must have been gone to pakcik JPJ who deserve the credit/OT indeed.

But, I personally never intended to keep the medal or wear the event tee. As such, I always deem these 2 items are 'rubbish' to me. I hope I know there's a way to recycle those medals & those singlets or finisher tees. Furthermore, the size of the tees often give me a surprise. Although some registration form has been thoughtful to emphasize that it's base on 'Asian-Size', the final actual size can be still smaller or bigger.

I have a thought. What if the organizer give some discount on those who wants to opt out for tees & medal? Or, they can keep the medal and tees for themselves, I don't mind. It's more environment friendly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Eastern 30K - 18.01.2009

Can somebody pass me a steel bar? I want to bite! Arrgh...

I thought I wont get cramp in 30K. I thought the Phiten will work its magic. Diet didn't care much too. I started to get mild cramp at 25K and it was under 2hr05min. Gosh, I thought I was on the way to hit 2hr30min. I was so wrong. When the cramp aggravated at the last 2KM, it also dashed my hope to clock under 2hr45min.

What happen? I am not really sure. Frens said coz the route is very challenging with camel backs but I don't feel the hills causing trouble to me, except after I got cramp. I didn't even feel my heart had worked hard. I am aware I started with fast pace, and I did try to slow down after 15KM. Perhaps, back to the basics, not-enough-training. But for sure, I wont be running with Nike shoes for any distance above 20KM.

Ended with 2hr49min. Even Ameba over took me... Arrrgh... Where's the steel bar!??


上了一下Facebook,才知道有个朋友人在Angola工作了。真的时撞鬼了。什么鬼地方啊?看样子应该是在那过'黑'历新年了。没法子啦,工钱多,而且公司是当初自己选的。没什么好怨。本来,我是很羡慕他有着一份高薪的工作。不过,上了一些年纪,结了婚,真的比较希望settling down的工作。That's the tradeoff.


珍重吧,我远方的朋友。Happy 牛 Year!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My new Nike+ sensor

Yes. I lost my previous one. Dont ask me how. I wish to know too! %^&*(@#$

Was very upset initially coz I thought I have to buy a new whole set, which includes with the Receiver that still attach to my ipod nano. By luck, I saw this place sells the sensor separately! The purchasing experience is at ease. Paid by credit card, indicated the delivery address & mobile numb, DONE!

The customer service didn't just stop there. Their delivery system kept me updated with the delivery status, via email & SMS! Apple Store is brilliant! They have a very good backend system that supporting their biz very well I guess. Coz, I am a very happy customer!

I hope my system is impressing customers too.

Do you know how does Nike+ Sensor work? Click here Overall, it's a very simple gadget with a good software to translate the data at I like simplicity. That's why, I don't think I will throw in my bucks for Polar S625X. Not yet. But for sure, not Garmin GPS Forerunner. The idea of recharging its battery that last only 8hr isnt appealing to me.

My gadget should serve me, not the other way!

Guess what I found!!! This is cool -> How to use Nike+ sports kit WITHOUT Nike shoes!

Monday, January 05, 2009

That 7,000 calories Xmas Dinner!

For food lovers, I am proudly present you "My Xmas Dinner' as shown below.

Our starter:
corn + spinach + cream soup. 5-star taste.

Main course(s):
Turkey with stuffing + bacons. All were being further 'fine tuned' by the host. 5-star.
Salad that made of Capsicum+ apricot + Italian vinegar + secret recipe. 5-star.
Hams with cherry. Can't finish. Tah pao some more. 5-star.
Sushi from Sake Sushi. 5-star.

Tyrrels Vat 1 semillion 2006 (from Hunter Valley). Splendid! 5-star.

If this article is correct, then, I really need to run more laps to get rid of extra yet expected calories. Base on my weight, I have to run about 100KM to clear all these exessive 7,000 calories!

Anyway, what a great gathering it was. The people who Me & wifey spent time with are far more fulfilling than those food. It's the ppl who bring the food together, not the food bring the ppl together.

What da heck! Merry Xmas again ;D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

GE 30K Simulation Run

Suppose to join Ameba & PM1 for the run on Sat. But, I overslept! Must be the Baileys the nite before... Felt so guilty not to run coz I must hit 30K by now.

Luckily, got to know Tey & Jamie will be running on Sun. Guess what, I didn't (can't) sleep the whole nite! Not that I don't want to! Think sh be due to the chilled Nescafe I had after dinner. At 4am, had 2 homemade Pao, a Milo and reach at 5am to meet Tey.

'Assume' Split time:
9KM - 1hr02
18KM - 1hr50
27KM - 2hr44

Punctured at 23KM. Right thigh started to contract! Darn. Blame the Nike Zoom Victory. I hardly feel the cushion. Soreness built up around my ankles. Lack of shock absorption had transferred the stress to my knees too, eventually, thighs. It is my own synopsis but I think it makes sense.

Of coz I don't rule out the main reason to puncture was due to my muscle was not 'fresh' at all... It's now 24hr now I didn't sleep. Good, once I got on the bus later at 4pm, reaching Spore needs only a brink of my eyes... Just hope I won't snore on the bus ;-)