Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Eastern 30K - 18.01.2009

Can somebody pass me a steel bar? I want to bite! Arrgh...

I thought I wont get cramp in 30K. I thought the Phiten will work its magic. Diet didn't care much too. I started to get mild cramp at 25K and it was under 2hr05min. Gosh, I thought I was on the way to hit 2hr30min. I was so wrong. When the cramp aggravated at the last 2KM, it also dashed my hope to clock under 2hr45min.

What happen? I am not really sure. Frens said coz the route is very challenging with camel backs but I don't feel the hills causing trouble to me, except after I got cramp. I didn't even feel my heart had worked hard. I am aware I started with fast pace, and I did try to slow down after 15KM. Perhaps, back to the basics, not-enough-training. But for sure, I wont be running with Nike shoes for any distance above 20KM.

Ended with 2hr49min. Even Ameba over took me... Arrrgh... Where's the steel bar!??

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