Monday, January 05, 2009

That 7,000 calories Xmas Dinner!

For food lovers, I am proudly present you "My Xmas Dinner' as shown below.

Our starter:
corn + spinach + cream soup. 5-star taste.

Main course(s):
Turkey with stuffing + bacons. All were being further 'fine tuned' by the host. 5-star.
Salad that made of Capsicum+ apricot + Italian vinegar + secret recipe. 5-star.
Hams with cherry. Can't finish. Tah pao some more. 5-star.
Sushi from Sake Sushi. 5-star.

Tyrrels Vat 1 semillion 2006 (from Hunter Valley). Splendid! 5-star.

If this article is correct, then, I really need to run more laps to get rid of extra yet expected calories. Base on my weight, I have to run about 100KM to clear all these exessive 7,000 calories!

Anyway, what a great gathering it was. The people who Me & wifey spent time with are far more fulfilling than those food. It's the ppl who bring the food together, not the food bring the ppl together.

What da heck! Merry Xmas again ;D

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