Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't want any medals or event tees

I never mind paying for a race.

The event organizer has to mobilize resource/volunteers to ensure the road safety & water stations; the cost to apply for road permit perhaps; also a sum must have been gone to pakcik JPJ who deserve the credit/OT indeed.

But, I personally never intended to keep the medal or wear the event tee. As such, I always deem these 2 items are 'rubbish' to me. I hope I know there's a way to recycle those medals & those singlets or finisher tees. Furthermore, the size of the tees often give me a surprise. Although some registration form has been thoughtful to emphasize that it's base on 'Asian-Size', the final actual size can be still smaller or bigger.

I have a thought. What if the organizer give some discount on those who wants to opt out for tees & medal? Or, they can keep the medal and tees for themselves, I don't mind. It's more environment friendly.

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amila08_v2 said...

hi there,

really glad with your achievement...and glad as well that i've traced you back! keep up ur good work okay and wish u all the best