Sunday, January 04, 2009

GE 30K Simulation Run

Suppose to join Ameba & PM1 for the run on Sat. But, I overslept! Must be the Baileys the nite before... Felt so guilty not to run coz I must hit 30K by now.

Luckily, got to know Tey & Jamie will be running on Sun. Guess what, I didn't (can't) sleep the whole nite! Not that I don't want to! Think sh be due to the chilled Nescafe I had after dinner. At 4am, had 2 homemade Pao, a Milo and reach at 5am to meet Tey.

'Assume' Split time:
9KM - 1hr02
18KM - 1hr50
27KM - 2hr44

Punctured at 23KM. Right thigh started to contract! Darn. Blame the Nike Zoom Victory. I hardly feel the cushion. Soreness built up around my ankles. Lack of shock absorption had transferred the stress to my knees too, eventually, thighs. It is my own synopsis but I think it makes sense.

Of coz I don't rule out the main reason to puncture was due to my muscle was not 'fresh' at all... It's now 24hr now I didn't sleep. Good, once I got on the bus later at 4pm, reaching Spore needs only a brink of my eyes... Just hope I won't snore on the bus ;-)

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