Tuesday, April 03, 2012

SAFRA Army Half Marathon - 04.09.2011

7 days ago...
Managed to drag myself off the bed to join pm1 crazy geng for Hartamas 19.32km route. It's been so long since my last run on this route. I started my run 1st as I know pm1 F1 speed will 'catch up' eventually. Indeed, at abt 7th km, we 'met up'. Since I started with super relax running mode, I had no problem to match their gear 5 speed at the last 3km. Timeout to refill at Petronas. 53min.

On the way back, I again started my run 5-10min earlier than the geng. They past me at 6-7th km. Choked by their dust!  47min. Felt great though!

On the race day, I put on the light weight Nike Victory+, a long servant of mine with the sole almost worn out. CS fetched me at 415am to have a sure-get chance for a carpark at marina sq. Indeed. We met up Alvin & Anselmn at starting point eventually. Suddenly, hunger strikes. Alvin was kind to pass me a gel which initially I don't plan to have it. Once the race started, to my surprise, my legs were already on 5' pace! I felt really good & comfortable with the pace. Probably due to the light weight shoes as well. Or rather, it has became lighter coz the sole had worn off ;-)  Nonetheless, told myself not to get over excited. 49'30 at 10km. The new route & the superb weather were both refreshing. Although running in the dark, runners were served with the beauty of the Spore night view at Marina area. Awesome! And, there were many groups of drum beaters performing for us. Each beat is an extra push from muscles intuitively. Overall, it was an enjoyable run and well organized. Almost every 1.5k, 100+ is served. Lavish! :)

Once again, my Nike+ sensor failed me again. Not recording any pace since 2km. Bloodyhell. Then, the new earplug too became loose after my ears started to sweat. Lousy product which claims itself for sports I reckon. The toughest part is the Fort Canning ascent but bearable. I didn't push too much. Too many story where runners collapsed at the finishing line lingered around my ears. When I crossed the finishing line, I was surprise with the 1:40:57!

Felt fantabulous! The massage at the event venue is akin to a sweet reward for our gone sweat. Pampered ourselves at Changi Old Airport Road for a sumptous breakfast! The lost calories in the run could be possible over-redeemed with the magnitude of the foods we had. This is a great day for myself! PB for 21KM. Yahoo!