Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm married - 05.12.2007

Oh yes I am. Oh yes we did.

The invitation card to our guests. Million thanks to Josephine, a lecturer in Design aka Christian's wife. Really lovely made. The ROM took place at 430pm. The family.
Like mother like daughter. Resemblance smile.
Like mother like mother-in-law. Resemblance smile, pose & attire.
Like boss like staff. Like sister??? Resemblance smile. For someone who believes in karma, my wife must have done great in her past life to have met a good boss (in many ways) in her present life.
We were the last couple of the day.
The heaviest downpour ever in the month. From Morning till 9pm. My colleague teased me that it is because I am so stingy! I refuted. Water brings $! Contingency plan invoked. All tables & chairs were to move into the building. And, I was having headache.
All the flower decoration within the dining premise is not from flourist. It's handmade by Jennifer, my wife's colleague. Simply gorgeous!

We have selected the finest wine for guests. Thanks to Grace again, and again and again...

to be cont... ZZzzz

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Singapore Marathon - 02.12.2007

Oops, I did it again! Yeah, without much preparation, I did not expect a good timing too.

Only manage to sleep for 1hr. Awaken by a call from office at 2am, and had to work for 2hr before I rushed out for the bus.

My legs lost the muscle power at 30KM mark (again). It took me 3hr+. Luckily, the will power was able took over.

The rest of the 12KM, 1hr40min. My mucles was between Cramp & Going-to-Cramp. Contraction was ON-&-OFF! Once I crossed the finishing line, the words surged to me... PAIN IS PLEASURE!

Hope other marathoners who I know have done well too!