Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Singapore Marathon - 02.12.2007

Oops, I did it again! Yeah, without much preparation, I did not expect a good timing too.

Only manage to sleep for 1hr. Awaken by a call from office at 2am, and had to work for 2hr before I rushed out for the bus.

My legs lost the muscle power at 30KM mark (again). It took me 3hr+. Luckily, the will power was able took over.

The rest of the 12KM, 1hr40min. My mucles was between Cramp & Going-to-Cramp. Contraction was ON-&-OFF! Once I crossed the finishing line, the words surged to me... PAIN IS PLEASURE!

Hope other marathoners who I know have done well too!


Tey said...


Congrate...u did another full without much train.see u next race ya !!

chongwah said...

tey, see u in 30k!