Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OX AGM cum Cameron Steamboat Trip - 07.04.2007

On the way to Gunung Cantik, the tree stands still in the middle of the tea farm. It was a misty morning.

Flowers with vibrant color are here and there. The best match up with the greenish Cameron.

The steamboat ingredients. All fresh!

A misty night. Yet, the temperature was cosy.

Sunny day around the MNS chalet.

A relax excursion I would say. My 3rd time to have stay in the same chalet. Cosy and wonderful surrounding. It happened to be OXians AGM too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Power Run 2007 @Dataran Merdeka - 23.04.2007

Did not rest well. Drank some wines and liquor at my brother’s hse warming party. Sleep late with a horrible dream too. I pray hard for good...

Promised Grace to pick her up at 6. I woke up at 5:55! Jerk Up!!

Reach Lake Garden at 6:45. Hey, I saw what I want to see. The Nike+ van was there to let the runners try out their latest gadgets. I requested to try during the Power Run and they had graciously lent me everything from iPod (RM600+), a Triax+ 10 shoes(RM399) and the sensor(RM138). Suddenly, my body worths more than a thousand. Cool right? Grace looked at me with a envious face. Haha. Then, Grace and I did small jog to Dataran Merdeka. We were late!

So paiseh to make Tey waiting. My bib is with him. And, I forget to bring $ for PM1 too. Double paiseh. Photo photo... snap!

Race starts! Started my iPod recording too. But I had a problem to increase the volume somehow… can't hear the songs. what the heck, as long as it records my run. Did not feel as strong as in Orange. But still a good work out run.

There's a Traffic police who actually told the runner their position while we ran passed him. During my turn, he pointed to me and said with a smiley face ‘You Nombor 62, Tutup mulut… Lari’. Hey, pakcik traffic, I was puffing ler. Anyway, it’s a nice gesture of a Malaysian that we all hope for isn't it?

[My mouth really did open wide. Bib too tercabut. ]

This time, I told myself to end the run with a strong finish. I sprinted at the end and grabbed the 46th medal in my category. Means, got 16 old people beat me! Still not bad la.

From the iPod:

[Timing 49:47]
[Calories burnt 667]
[Average speed 4.36 min/km]
[Distance: 10.82KM]

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Orange Run @The Curve - 15.05.2007

[Clockwise]: Posing with PMs; Stretching with WanLin. His chest is now B cup!; Grace got herself some prizes again. Great effort!
So far, the best run event with loads of freebies and foods. It’s indeed a BHP carnival. Free registration too. Thumbs up!

It was a 9km outing (some said it's actually 10.4km). That’s the approx distance that I have been running during my week day run along the Esplanade Drive.

I somehow felt bit tired. Over speed on the treadmill for the Nike bottle perhaps. Looking for a steady pacer who has roughly a same speed of mine. Found it! A bare foot uncle. He’s so good. I was tailing him and until half way, overtook him. Then, he surged back, but I still could maintain the speed and rhythm. We kept exchanging lead until 1km before the finishing line, he just cruised over me. I just didn't feel like want to push all out at the end. I think I actually prefer a longer FINISHING feel. Great feeling!

When I crossed the line, PM1 was already standing there, counting his members' position. I overheard that I was at 30th?! I am not sure but I sure happy with my time of 45min 46s.

Tey kept shooting at us from start till end. Million thanks.

Nike+ Experience - 14.04.2007

The day before The Orange Run, I went to the Fitness First to try out the Nike+ thingy. Actually, I dont think would fancy Nike shoes again as they didn’t give me a good experience. Nike Air burst! Crap!

Coincidently, there’s a <4min-in-1km> challenge. The reward, a baby Nike bottle.

My last treadmill experience caused me a backache. Heck, only 1KM this time. Inserted the iPod transmitter to the Nike Air Structure Triax+ 10 shoes, and plug the other receiver to the iPod Nano, off we go. It’s cool! The iPod gives you a reading on km/min, distance build up, time and of course, the music.

Started slow to warm up. And, when I was ready, time started to elaspse. Behind the timing initially. Then, my finger kept pressing the + button to increase the speed, 3.5Min/Km shown on iPod! Such ready excited me a lot as you would want to go faster. Maintained the speed until end of 1KM. The bottle is mine. Wahaha. Big drop of sweat though...

Then, the Nike girl plugged the receiver into into laptop, and it shows my running pattern and speed spread in graph. Never doubt Nike is miles away in design and creativity though. With iPod, this product is really really really cool! But, the price and shoes quality always turned me away.

Shopping lists:
- Nike+ iPod Sport Kit (RM138. SGD43 in Spore)
- Nike+ Ready Shoes (Pricey. RM300-500)
- iPod Nano (No info. Cause I already got one ;-)

Sigh, cool gadget needs cool $... Cruel world.