Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Orange Run @The Curve - 15.05.2007

[Clockwise]: Posing with PMs; Stretching with WanLin. His chest is now B cup!; Grace got herself some prizes again. Great effort!
So far, the best run event with loads of freebies and foods. It’s indeed a BHP carnival. Free registration too. Thumbs up!

It was a 9km outing (some said it's actually 10.4km). That’s the approx distance that I have been running during my week day run along the Esplanade Drive.

I somehow felt bit tired. Over speed on the treadmill for the Nike bottle perhaps. Looking for a steady pacer who has roughly a same speed of mine. Found it! A bare foot uncle. He’s so good. I was tailing him and until half way, overtook him. Then, he surged back, but I still could maintain the speed and rhythm. We kept exchanging lead until 1km before the finishing line, he just cruised over me. I just didn't feel like want to push all out at the end. I think I actually prefer a longer FINISHING feel. Great feeling!

When I crossed the line, PM1 was already standing there, counting his members' position. I overheard that I was at 30th?! I am not sure but I sure happy with my time of 45min 46s.

Tey kept shooting at us from start till end. Million thanks.

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