Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Hacking' the Nike+ System

Picture paints a thousand words.

For those non-Nike shoe fans, but looking for a low cost system to log down the run with Nike+. Dr. Tan, specially made for you. Pls get your legs right n RUN!

1) The essentials.

2) Place the sensor into the bag. Ziplock bag would be ideal.

3. Roll it.

4. Slide it to any shoes. What's more, it's waterproof!

Warning: I did ever lost the sensor before with this method. So, don't be slack to tighten up your shoe lace, and make sure the bag has the length from top to bottom shoe lace. Above, the last pic is a perfect example.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nike LunarElite Shoe Problem

I bought the shoes last week for my coming marathons training. 1st day in my office, it perpetually causing a subtle of pain. It hurt the joint between my phalanges & metatarsal area. Once I took off the shoe at home, pls look what it has done to my feet below. I am sure it causes me severe blister if I run even a 10K with it? Or even injury?

Initially, I thought it's just because it's new but it still hurting today albeit subtly. Sometimes, the pain is akin to a needle poke. To me, it's a flaw product. I worn many shoes as a marathoner. This is the only shoes that causing such problem to me.

Think it has now become my expensive shopping shoe. Sent a mail to to highlight about their product problem but receive no reply though. Heck...