Sunday, August 26, 2007

New York! New York!

[phone ring]
me: Hello IT.
eunice: Hi chongwah, are you free during 6/7oct?
me: Who's this?
eunice: Eunice ah. Running 1. So are you free?
me: [sounded cagey] yeah, should be ok. Y? Any running event that you need my service?
eunice: Are you interested to go to New York? For the JPMorgan run. Accom & flight all 'bao'.
... ... ...

We got 5th, and we are eligible to go? Yes in our case because all 4 teams in front of us have won in other category. So, after filtering... it's HSBC ;-)

What a late birthday gift! New York!? I never dream to go US for 1 reason -> expense in USD & yet to cover the whole SouthEastAsia. Furthermore, the date is just nice after my project release, and, before the OX mountaineering trip. Wonderful! New York New York! I'm coming!

JPMorgan Chase Singapore - 03.05.2007

The official result from JPMorgan Chase on 3 May.

The lesson is, if I really want a good timing in a short run event, I must position myself at the front pack to avoid the 'cavalry surge' at the start. It was a massive jam!

But didn't feel I got a strong legs that day. Not having a luxury time. Damn... I keep running, but just can't run away from work! Work always catch up.

Time of 23m43s; ~4.23min/km.

My SGD30 bib. Self funded.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

PJ Half – 11.08.2007

Pick up Grace and reached Stadium at 545am. Found a carpark easily. At the starting line, somehow, I was lucky to meet up with wan lin. He was actually holding a bib. Photo Tey is very kind to pass PM Saiful bib to him (as he can’t make it), and then to me. Else, I will run illegally again.

I know what lie ahead at the last 5km since I have not been running more than 15km this year. So, to mitigate the torture of cramp, I try to run slower. At least, the pain strikes me at last 3km. Cramp almost came to me too. Wanlin overtook me at last 1km. Thanks for the shouting encouragement buddy, but I was in pain la. Do not want to aggravate until it turns to a real injury.


For quite some time, I never have such a hard time in running. Chest pain, knee pain, Achilles pain and heart beat harder. My body was steaming, I can feel my blood streaming thru my nerves so quick which is a good feeling too. Oxygen was a luxury. But, the finishing made me felt so great. To get over an ordeal, always make you have the extra reason to celebrate more.

Ok, my 1st 21km of the year… have to sustain the mileage though. Else, it would be meaningless to run today. Cant wait to release my project in mid Sep…

Many thanks again to Photo Tey.

Corporate Community Games 28.07.2007 - 29.07.2007

Thanks to Khong Lean for the write-up.

"We were blessed with a nice breezy weather on games day which was a welcome relief to the high humidity resulting from the afternoon showers from the previous days. A sweeping glance revealed that the runners from the various corporates were as diverse as you could imagine. From muscle-toned quadriceps to lean veteran running machines, the participants were all geared up to do their best. The race was a relay style where a team of 4 runners was each required to cover a distance of 2.5km around the Botanic Gardens. HSBC was the proud winner of the mixed-team category last year and we were determined to maintain that record. Our first runner, Simon Lu (CIB), was quick off the mark and came in 1st for his leg, passing the next leg to Eunice Yeo (HTV). Eunice did incredibly well to match the pace of other male runners and maintained our advantage. Our 3rd and 4th runner, Chong Wah (TSV) and Alen Sim (HTSG), gathered more steam and stormed ahead, eventually running out winners with a combined timing of 38:47 min. Once again, we managed to retain our championship position. The icing on the cake was that we managed to better the timing of the winners of the All Mens team".

*I clocked 9:27; 3.71min/km. It is a very nice star-fish like medal.

The route

The Team: (from left) xxx, Emmannuel, Khong Lean, fast-man Allen, ME, iron-man Simon (clocked under 9min!) and wonderwoman Eunice.

Continue another event on the next day and won the 3rd in badminton. The Team: (from left) xxx, Lazarus (my partner), PeiFun, beer-beater Pramodh, Captain Diana, Care Taker Calvin, single player Alphonsus and ME.