Sunday, August 26, 2007

New York! New York!

[phone ring]
me: Hello IT.
eunice: Hi chongwah, are you free during 6/7oct?
me: Who's this?
eunice: Eunice ah. Running 1. So are you free?
me: [sounded cagey] yeah, should be ok. Y? Any running event that you need my service?
eunice: Are you interested to go to New York? For the JPMorgan run. Accom & flight all 'bao'.
... ... ...

We got 5th, and we are eligible to go? Yes in our case because all 4 teams in front of us have won in other category. So, after filtering... it's HSBC ;-)

What a late birthday gift! New York!? I never dream to go US for 1 reason -> expense in USD & yet to cover the whole SouthEastAsia. Furthermore, the date is just nice after my project release, and, before the OX mountaineering trip. Wonderful! New York New York! I'm coming!

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Wan Lin said...

Is the trip on? Where you stay in New York? If you have the address, let me know.