Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brunei Oh Brunei...(updated)

Going to Brunei for HSBC Olympic Games, SouthEactAsia version. As usual, Im taking part in badminton.

Enjoyed very much (even losing) in my last 2 training sessions because, there's a very good player in my team now.

OK. All I know is, no selling alcohol in Brunei... Must be quite boring then... But, Im ready for any surprise...

It's a fun trip indeed. Fun to meet new fren like Dex, a local. Fun to meet back old frens from Msia. Most of all, fun to win & lose because every match was a tough match. I did a lot of jumping smash this time, mainly because I have finally put on contact lens. No more jumping-smash-then-adjust-spec routine. Try to nail each point, when the shuttle was lifted high. The point system now is very nervy as each point counts.

Dex had cordially brought me around Brunei on the 1st day. And, we finished round-the-country in 1hr. Some interesting facts abt Brunei:
- Petrol is $0.53.
- $50K can buy a Merc C Class.
- Only 30 taxi in Brunei, since everyone owns a car.
- Every buildings can't build higher than their mosque.
- Their Sultan portrait is everywhr. Absolutely everywhr.
- Underground beer can be bought at $5. Else, drive 2hr to Miri, 1 can costs you $1.
- Education is free.
- Civil servant can apply for very nice landed gov hse. Rental: $150 (!@#$%^)

Morning parade with a super tight track bottom.
Our loyal fans, soccer team and net ball team. I smashed harder for them ;-)
My partner & I. Learnt that he did jumping smash too. Later he told me it's because 'You jump, I jump'!
Acrobatic! Trust me. If you possess the correct & basic badminton skills, you will have a nice body line. It's my toughest sports.
My roommate cum star of my team.
My favorite pic. Jump Jump!
We got 2nd eventually. The best result we could get.

I was having a severe backache for the following 3 days. Too much jumping smash I think;-) Age does catching up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perhaps, the last 20KM before Adidas KOTR

I felt lucky when Ameba told me that she will run 20K on Saturday. I just need a companion in running. Darn. Went to bed only at 3am. SMS her that I can't make it in the next morning.

I felt more lucky when I found out that she also failed to wake up and suggested to run on Sunday morning. And, we met at Lake Garden car park at 6am sharp!

Maybe, subconciously, I know Ameba is in good shape (Prize RM300 here and RM100 there sure good form right?), we started in a fast pace. Quite kan cheong when running with her now. There's also a uncle who paced along us. We split at 6K when she wanted to try a new energy product (she prones to lausai with PowerGel).

Stopped at Petronas at 54min. Felt good with a speedy end. Waited for Ameba while poured myself with Gatorade. She's not far behind. Really impressive. Abt 5min rest, off we go again. Then, decided to breakaway from Ameba again coz tried to catch with a lady. She's fast.

On the way back, saw PM1 'walking' from the opposite direction! He just join any events with medals I think. Medal tally in his network is close.

Ended with total time ~1hr43min running time. The fastest ever non-competition time. A good badminton match last week really help I think. Anyway, great to have such a good work out. Else KOTR sure die.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

CCG Games 2008

Captained the Mixed Team.

Good thing about being a captain is, you are the center of 'attraction'. Captains' group photo, captain armband presentation and get called by the control every time there's an issue. Even during gift exchange, there's a special gift for Captain.

It's cool to be the-Captain.
The team. We didn't do well. Knocked out at the group stage. But, I think the defeat is the perfect wake-up call for some who felt guilty. Hope we shine in our coming event - our very own HSBC Olympic Games, Brunei.

Badminton was the 1st sports that I picked up, along with my brothers. And, we started it RIGHT. A good volunteer coach passed on the basics but essential skills and foot work and it is very much relevant why I can still play good (not bad la) badminton once I pick it back.

No doubt, badminton had given me a strong fitness base me to excel in subsequent sports. When I was the fittest me, pumping & sit-up in 100 counts were sweatless. My light weight was a reason though.

Sadly, it's no more the passion that I felt once. It's now more like a social games, only when there's a tournament to play. Probably, it's due to difficulty in finding a bunch of players with the same standard. Perhaps, the really cause is I always want to try new things. But definately, I still enjoy any tough games in double though. With a good partner, and a good opponent, I always feel great even I lost.

Brunei, here we come! Pls serve us beer...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McD Olympic Run 2008

Short distance race really makes me puff harder. 5min high speed run makes me feel like 30min. The mind, heartbeat, abs (6 in 1 also kira la) muscles & leg muscles all were not synchronized. When mind wanted legs to run fast, legs were yet to warm up. When legs were ready, abs' turn to have a contraction (not enough speed train, O2 flow not efficient). Then slowed down to let everything subside. By the time legs & abs were ready, the mind got de-motivated when I looked at the timing watch (out of target time).

Don't care la (我不管), just run afap and don't accept any excuse or regret afterwards.

Sailed thru the finish at 34min. Approx.

*afap = as FAST as possible.
*many thanks to Julie who picked up the hassle to register for me.
*as usual, thanks to Tey for the photos.
Bumped to an old gila-gila fren from UM. Never expect that she runs... Hope she will continue to do so.
"It's what I eat & what I do" from McD sponsored shirt. After race, cokes and wall's aiskrim were served too. Good to refill the lost calories. Ironic right?