Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perhaps, the last 20KM before Adidas KOTR

I felt lucky when Ameba told me that she will run 20K on Saturday. I just need a companion in running. Darn. Went to bed only at 3am. SMS her that I can't make it in the next morning.

I felt more lucky when I found out that she also failed to wake up and suggested to run on Sunday morning. And, we met at Lake Garden car park at 6am sharp!

Maybe, subconciously, I know Ameba is in good shape (Prize RM300 here and RM100 there sure good form right?), we started in a fast pace. Quite kan cheong when running with her now. There's also a uncle who paced along us. We split at 6K when she wanted to try a new energy product (she prones to lausai with PowerGel).

Stopped at Petronas at 54min. Felt good with a speedy end. Waited for Ameba while poured myself with Gatorade. She's not far behind. Really impressive. Abt 5min rest, off we go again. Then, decided to breakaway from Ameba again coz tried to catch with a lady. She's fast.

On the way back, saw PM1 'walking' from the opposite direction! He just join any events with medals I think. Medal tally in his network is close.

Ended with total time ~1hr43min running time. The fastest ever non-competition time. A good badminton match last week really help I think. Anyway, great to have such a good work out. Else KOTR sure die.

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