Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brunei Oh Brunei...(updated)

Going to Brunei for HSBC Olympic Games, SouthEactAsia version. As usual, Im taking part in badminton.

Enjoyed very much (even losing) in my last 2 training sessions because, there's a very good player in my team now.

OK. All I know is, no selling alcohol in Brunei... Must be quite boring then... But, Im ready for any surprise...

It's a fun trip indeed. Fun to meet new fren like Dex, a local. Fun to meet back old frens from Msia. Most of all, fun to win & lose because every match was a tough match. I did a lot of jumping smash this time, mainly because I have finally put on contact lens. No more jumping-smash-then-adjust-spec routine. Try to nail each point, when the shuttle was lifted high. The point system now is very nervy as each point counts.

Dex had cordially brought me around Brunei on the 1st day. And, we finished round-the-country in 1hr. Some interesting facts abt Brunei:
- Petrol is $0.53.
- $50K can buy a Merc C Class.
- Only 30 taxi in Brunei, since everyone owns a car.
- Every buildings can't build higher than their mosque.
- Their Sultan portrait is everywhr. Absolutely everywhr.
- Underground beer can be bought at $5. Else, drive 2hr to Miri, 1 can costs you $1.
- Education is free.
- Civil servant can apply for very nice landed gov hse. Rental: $150 (!@#$%^)

Morning parade with a super tight track bottom.
Our loyal fans, soccer team and net ball team. I smashed harder for them ;-)
My partner & I. Learnt that he did jumping smash too. Later he told me it's because 'You jump, I jump'!
Acrobatic! Trust me. If you possess the correct & basic badminton skills, you will have a nice body line. It's my toughest sports.
My roommate cum star of my team.
My favorite pic. Jump Jump!
We got 2nd eventually. The best result we could get.

I was having a severe backache for the following 3 days. Too much jumping smash I think;-) Age does catching up.


chongch said...

Nice blog wor update...
Despite not being there, will try to post your Brunei video to YouTube...



chongwah said...

wat a surprise visitor ;-)!