Saturday, July 05, 2008

CCG Games 2008

Captained the Mixed Team.

Good thing about being a captain is, you are the center of 'attraction'. Captains' group photo, captain armband presentation and get called by the control every time there's an issue. Even during gift exchange, there's a special gift for Captain.

It's cool to be the-Captain.
The team. We didn't do well. Knocked out at the group stage. But, I think the defeat is the perfect wake-up call for some who felt guilty. Hope we shine in our coming event - our very own HSBC Olympic Games, Brunei.

Badminton was the 1st sports that I picked up, along with my brothers. And, we started it RIGHT. A good volunteer coach passed on the basics but essential skills and foot work and it is very much relevant why I can still play good (not bad la) badminton once I pick it back.

No doubt, badminton had given me a strong fitness base me to excel in subsequent sports. When I was the fittest me, pumping & sit-up in 100 counts were sweatless. My light weight was a reason though.

Sadly, it's no more the passion that I felt once. It's now more like a social games, only when there's a tournament to play. Probably, it's due to difficulty in finding a bunch of players with the same standard. Perhaps, the really cause is I always want to try new things. But definately, I still enjoy any tough games in double though. With a good partner, and a good opponent, I always feel great even I lost.

Brunei, here we come! Pls serve us beer...

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