Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McD Olympic Run 2008

Short distance race really makes me puff harder. 5min high speed run makes me feel like 30min. The mind, heartbeat, abs (6 in 1 also kira la) muscles & leg muscles all were not synchronized. When mind wanted legs to run fast, legs were yet to warm up. When legs were ready, abs' turn to have a contraction (not enough speed train, O2 flow not efficient). Then slowed down to let everything subside. By the time legs & abs were ready, the mind got de-motivated when I looked at the timing watch (out of target time).

Don't care la (我不管), just run afap and don't accept any excuse or regret afterwards.

Sailed thru the finish at 34min. Approx.

*afap = as FAST as possible.
*many thanks to Julie who picked up the hassle to register for me.
*as usual, thanks to Tey for the photos.
Bumped to an old gila-gila fren from UM. Never expect that she runs... Hope she will continue to do so.
"It's what I eat & what I do" from McD sponsored shirt. After race, cokes and wall's aiskrim were served too. Good to refill the lost calories. Ironic right?

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