Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Power Run 2007 @Dataran Merdeka - 23.04.2007

Did not rest well. Drank some wines and liquor at my brother’s hse warming party. Sleep late with a horrible dream too. I pray hard for good...

Promised Grace to pick her up at 6. I woke up at 5:55! Jerk Up!!

Reach Lake Garden at 6:45. Hey, I saw what I want to see. The Nike+ van was there to let the runners try out their latest gadgets. I requested to try during the Power Run and they had graciously lent me everything from iPod (RM600+), a Triax+ 10 shoes(RM399) and the sensor(RM138). Suddenly, my body worths more than a thousand. Cool right? Grace looked at me with a envious face. Haha. Then, Grace and I did small jog to Dataran Merdeka. We were late!

So paiseh to make Tey waiting. My bib is with him. And, I forget to bring $ for PM1 too. Double paiseh. Photo photo... snap!

Race starts! Started my iPod recording too. But I had a problem to increase the volume somehow… can't hear the songs. what the heck, as long as it records my run. Did not feel as strong as in Orange. But still a good work out run.

There's a Traffic police who actually told the runner their position while we ran passed him. During my turn, he pointed to me and said with a smiley face ‘You Nombor 62, Tutup mulut… Lari’. Hey, pakcik traffic, I was puffing ler. Anyway, it’s a nice gesture of a Malaysian that we all hope for isn't it?

[My mouth really did open wide. Bib too tercabut. ]

This time, I told myself to end the run with a strong finish. I sprinted at the end and grabbed the 46th medal in my category. Means, got 16 old people beat me! Still not bad la.

From the iPod:

[Timing 49:47]
[Calories burnt 667]
[Average speed 4.36 min/km]
[Distance: 10.82KM]

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