Thursday, November 22, 2007

Marathon. 再来一个!

Rwen sent us a motivation clip. Yeah, it's a good mental food. As good as Team Hoyt & 'The Marathon Boy' (left).

3 different story with different purposes on their own about why they do marathon.

Why did you do it? Why are you going to do it? Let's share our own version of story.

Me 1st in the comment box.


chongwah said...

I did my 1st marathon because of the OX gang was very 'mouth-competitive' to challenge each other in such endurance sports. Everyone knows it was a 'pirate ship' but... man's ego pushed us to hop on. I do know it would be very suffer but I don't know how suffer it would be. I want to taste it! At the end, I didn't taste it. I have to swallow it! physical & mental suffer were just too much for me at that time.

But, I keep come back for it. Start to aim for better timing but more important, it is another journey of 'spiritual cleansing'. In buddishism, life is a walk of suffer/hard/tough 苦. For me, each marathon is like a rehearsal of the tough life ahead. Each finishing would therefore prepares myself better to face the remaining bloody life ahead.

Marathon. 再来一个!

Boon Keat said...

Well, is my turn now… I start my running workout at the age of 14. That was the good old days where I used this sport to improve my stamina for martial art competition. However, after I retired from martial art team. The sport also died within me for a couple of years.

But it was 1998, when I become roommate for one of the best runner in UPM, Patrick Choo. Eventually he becomes my coach and both of us start to train very hard to run for college. In that time, running is just something for us to win the pride for college.

Until one day, Patrick come to me and asks: “Since we like running, why don’t we challenge ourselves to a higher level? Let’s go for the longer distance and higher suffering world.”

That’s how Marathon comes into my life. It was year 2000, my first marathon in Penang Bridge Run. I was suffering like hell in that event and finally realized timing for 42km is not timing for half-marathon X2. Our mental power rules the game. The satisfactory after completed the distance, is priceless.

Now, running becomes part of my life. Not for pride, not just only to prepare my stamina for mount climbing, not only for health… it becomes the way I communicate with the earth, this world. I run to feel the sun, the sweat, and the sound of shoe thundering the ground. I run to proof that I’m still alive; which is the most wonderful thing in life…

That’s why I run.

KEAN HONG said...

I did not run that far. As i know i got knee problem. I run Pg half marathon, the longest distance among the half marathon.

I started running since standard 5. Stop few years in Form 6 and university. Some how, i prefer cycling!