Monday, October 26, 2009

PAUM-NUSS alumni games - 24.10.2009

We are sister campus and will be holding similar event annually. We will compete each other in games like soccer, golf, squash etc to get our campus name stamped on a trophy. Met my fellow UM compatriots for the badminton games. With some talented foreign players, NUSS is a tough opponents to beat. A match between our top pair against theirs was very fun and thrilled to watch. The deciding games ended in 28-26, NUSS won it. Nonetheless, we did OK and won 5-2 overall in badminton.

Me and Yik Siong reached a milestone too! As a scratch pair, it's the 1st time ever we stretched the match to the max and won it at 30-29! Unbelievable.

At the end, UM managed to edge over NUSS by 4-3 in overall games.

At dinner time, NUSS's hospitality permeated into every member in the Kent Ridge Guild Hall with a fabulous dinner. Free flow of beers, fun entertainment and great foods. What an event that I wish to join every yr. Next yr would be our 25th anniversary. See you all at Melaka!

Hope UM can organize an event that could match NUSS's standard though.

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