Monday, June 29, 2009

Ranting on SCKLM 2009

By now, all complaints are flooding facebook network. To call the organizer Octagon as OtakGone, is classic!

What do runners want in a running event? SAFETY, WATER, SMOOTH RACE KIT COLLECTION. Those are basics expectation but the organizer screwed it up big time.

Since nobody died, runners can't complain that it's not safe. Maybe, even the JPJ is powerless to control the drivers in Msia. In many occasions, even traffic police stops them, the drivers will still drive bases on their on judgement. 'Oh, the runner still 10M away from me, let me cross 1st. Can, I just pickup!' Vrooom... they took off 5M in front of us.

Above is an old story. It happens in every BIG running event in KL. That's KL marathon is abt. To show you the true KL! KL, truly Asia...

But at least, after Octagon took over to organise, we the runners are expecting something different. Maybe comparable to Spore. They end up nowhere near.

It started to impress me by offering ONLINE registration with credit card pymt & some good advertisement around Msia. Good start.

But then, the stink choked us at Race kit collect & water station. Nobody likes to Q long under a hot tropical weather. Nobody likes to feel a-fish-out-of-water where all the precious liquid 'ransacked' by those 10K (and 5k???) at the last 2 water stations! That's me who clocked abt 4h30m. I can't imagine those timing who are later than me where number empty water stations grows. Pity.

Pissed me off further is, once I crossed the line, me, a god damn thirsty marathoner still have to walk far, fought Q with 5/10K for a cup of 100+!!! And, where the hell is the promised complimentary massage station!!! I can't find it!!!



blueameba said...

jialat! :(

chongwah said...

haha. u missed the FUN!!!

慧沁 Wai Sum said...

I thought only slow runners like me will be affected by water station....

chongwah said...

that means, the water station arrangement sucks! it's merely a LOGICAL thing to think of la... DEMAND & SUPPLY... even banana, don't tell me they only prepare 1 banana for each!!!