Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sundown ended with a Sunrise

I tried to be greedy in this run. Eagerly to test out what's my actual endurance in a long run with a bit speed. I found a good pacer. A lady. She ran so steady with her consistent pace. Then, suddenly, she slowed down at 21th. I can't 'wait for her' coz ahhem, I am married ;-) In fact, I actually had speed up without noticing it.

I was doing well until 33KM, the pain & cramp were back to haunt me. Whacked 1 pack of gel at each 10th KM seems a redundant effort. It didn't help to hold back the cramp. Not to mention, that lady strolled over me like the famous 'tortoise'. Yes, I was the 'hare' indeed. If I have more patience, maybe the timing would be very different.

Worse, my nikeplus was giving me a wrong reading. The distance read faster by 2KM. Time to calibrate la... And the iPod, it saved the best for last by failing to detect the signal and went into DISCONNECTED stage to the nikeplus device! Darn. Must be the sweat that had interfered with the nikeplus receiver.

Strangely, this is the 1st time I felt immense soreness on my feet with Asics GT2130 on. Time to have a new pair?

My time? 4hr32min. Shrug...

That distance should be 37KM, at the time of the transmission disruption.

Of coz, the highlight of this event is to witness our FIRST (& Im very sure the ONLY too) OX ULTRAWOMAN, Chui Miew.

When she replied the reporter (oh ya, forget to check on ST newspaper) that she felt can still run 1 more KM, I felt like @#$%^*& her... Big achievement for her. Clap clap.

Isn't that 1st photo is cool? If the organizer can guarantee me a shot of such, I mite think of joining. LOL.

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