Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 1st back-to-back LSD wkend

Urged by desperation, forced myself to get up at 430am last Saturday. I felt like zombie. Just reach PJ from Spore at 1am. What to do, I have a 'date' with ameba.

She thanked me for pace with her, but I thanked her too. In fact, her pace is my pace. Just nice. Felt so good upon finish. I was wet, head to toe. Enjoyed so much to gulp down the 100+ non-stop. Once hit my bed, slept until 5pm after punishing my body. Rest well for the next day.

At nite, ameba sent me a text, she wants to do 30KM. I told her I surrender and she replied it was actually a joke. The fact on the next day is, no joke. She did 30K. Salute. At the end, the 100+ liquid made me felt so good again. It was a trophy winning feeling.

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